A Quick Guide To Organize Wires

April 6, 2016



Razel Estrella

Say goodbye to tangled and cluttered gadget wires

Aside from being a source of visual chaos, disorganized wires are also prone to danger and a much shorter lifespan. The more gadgets you have, the more cables and cords you have to deal with. Snaking wires are unpleasant to look at, but more importantly, these are dangerous if left unmanaged. Here are ways in which you can organize those twisted wires.

  1. Label – One of the hassles you would normally encounter is figuring out which plug is for which device. To solve this, put a sticker label on the plug or a tag around the cord.
  2. Shorten – Ideally, its length should be just right from the device to the power outlet. To hide excess wires, there are various cable managers in the market that you can use such as straps, cord wraps, and cable wheels.
  3. Group – Group similar cords together. For instance, tie all cable wires that go with the television, and so on.
  4. Go wireless – To lessen your problems with cable maintenance, connect to the Internet via a wireless router and use WiFi-enabled equipment.
  1. Binder clips – Popular DIY cable managers, binder clips may not be the sleekest-looking cord catcher, but they get the job done. Attach the clip on the side of the desk nearest the power outlet, and let the cord run through the metal handles.
  2. Cable managers – There are many cable managers in the market with different designs and prices for your taste and needs. Just avoid twisting wires too much or tying them up very tightly to prevent damages and prolong their life.
  3. Charging docks – As a stylish place to rest and to recharge your gadgets, these can support multiple devices (like mobile phones and tablets) while hiding the cords well.
  4. Shoeboxes – For another DIY solution, use a shoebox. Create partitions with cardboards or with tissue paper rollers forming a sort of honeycomb, and keep all unused cables here. Add labels as well for a more systematic storage.

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