#LoveWins in this Couple’s Rustic Industrial Condo Flipped By An Artist

February 27, 2018



Denny Mata

“I tore this unit apart!” artist Aimee Bernardo laughs as she is reminded of the year-long renovation of this 112-square meter unit from its old, drab, and dark shape into a rustic industrial condo that it is now, with a killer view of the city. Initially purchased and owned by Aimee, this unit took a drastic renovation. The artist shares that she was itching to extend her creativity into interior design and saw this unit as the perfect opportunity. “I’m an artist so I love the process. I start with an idea in my head and I work on it backwards,” she shares. While Aimee supplied the creative juices, Architect John Santiago took care of the main logistics of her condo-flipping project. While the design style is industrial in essence, the unit feels welcoming and cozy. The design boasts of cold cement finishes contrasted by the warmth of the unit’s other pieces. Convenient storage spaces are also incorporated into the design, as well as gallery lights to highlight the artworks and photographs on the gallery wall at the dining area and other parts of the rustic industrial condo. The kitchen has a quartz countertop, and a range hood that doubles as a storage space. The masters bedroom is likened to a swanky hotel room in Hong Kong. To make the unit feel more spacious, Aimee had the walls of the bath taken down and replaced with glass. She boxed off this bathroom in the masters and added a bathtub for maximum relaxation. Most of the pieces are customized in Antipolo and Aimee even created most of the artworks hanging on the unit’s walls. Being Aimee’s first project, she admits that it was hard to find a buyer. It wasn’t because it was difficult to sell the place, but because she couldn’t find someone she can entrust the space to. After meeting with several potential buyers, she finally met Caper Group’s Chairman and Managing Director, Edgar Caper and his partner, James Contemplacion. “My partner and I fell in love with how it was done,” Edgar shares. “We initially wanted something very minimalist and all-white but once we saw this we knew that this was it, with the industrial-Manhattan feel,” he adds. Edgar and James now reside in this rustic industrial condo and the couple couldn’t be happier. They even used the unit as Caper Group’s HQ for a time, before the team grew in number and they had to get an official office. The unit still houses Edgar’s mini home office/guest room. Coming home after a busy schedule—heading a marketing consultancy firm and flying in and out of the country as a Marketing Director for KFC in Guam and USA—is something Edgar really looks forward to. This unit is also a usual place for the couple’s families to catch-up and spend some quality time together. rustic industrial condo, Edgar Caper, James Caper, Aimee Bernardo, interior design philippines, interior design manila Without a doubt, Aimee did an excellent job in furnishing the unit, but the finishing touches that truly made the unit complete was Edgar and James’ collection and the memories they have made here with close family and friends. The unit is not only well-designed, it is also well-loved. This story first appeared on CondoLiving Vol. 11 No.6 2016. Edits were made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com.

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