Radio and TV Host Sam YG Lets Us In In His Cool Modern Condo

March 21, 2018



Denny Mata

modern condo was another project he’d been excited about. “I didn’t want it to be too loud. I wanted it to be somewhat neutral, but with character. Not too flashy,” he says. “I might lease it out or I might use it, so let’s say somewhere in between, so that if I decide to use it, I’ll be comfortable. And if I do decide to lease it out, it’s not too wild or intimidating.” Sam tapped twin sisters Love and Gayle Ocampo with styling the unit’s interiors. “From the beginning, I was pretty confident. I knew that they knew what to do. I  also set a timeline for the project, and I knew that if you don’t get the right contractor or the right people to work on it, things might go wrong at the end of the day. So it’s better to work with someone you know,” he explains. The result is a unit that Sam is confident about (should it be leased) and very satisfied with (should he choose to use it himself). Upon entry to his unit, the dining area steals every guests’ eyes. Against a blue wall is a neat combination of light-colored table top and wooden chairs. On one side, a mirror installation composed of rectangular beveled mirrors is a departure from the usual flat or bronze-type mirrors, adding a touch of drama to the dining area while simultaneously elongating the entire living space. A picture of laid-back calm, the main living space plays on a palette of blues and grays set against white brick wallpaper. To the left of the living area is the guest bedroom. The initial plan for the guest room was to have a bed against the wall (in photo), and a TV cabinet and study next to each other on the other side. Along the way, however, Sam decided against the bed, choosing to leave space for a would-be renter to fill up, just in case. The room is softer than the others, not too feminine and not too masculine. Opposite the guest room, to the right, is the master bedroom, what Sam has jokingly dubbed as his Fifty Shades of Grey room. Aside from the predominantly grey palette of the room, darker wood finishes and geometric prints and patterns lend a more masculine feel to the space. White walls on the opposite end of the master bedroom contrast the deep tones in the space and brighten up the room, making it cozy and ideal for rest. To that end, Sam shares how important rest has become for him, who hosts the hit radio show Boys’ Night Out (BNO) on Magic 89.9 with fellow DJs Tony toni and Slick Rick, and three more TV shows, plus being a part of Raven, the Bugsy’s group, Backyard Kitchen + Brew, and events company Weedoo Manila. “My days are booked by the hour,” he shares. “Five out of seven days in a week, I’d be out. Back in 2007 and 2008, it was really YOLO. But then you realize that to produce quality work, you need your rest. You need your brain refreshed,” Sam YG says.   This story first appeared on CondoLiving 2015 Vol. 10.3. Edits have been made for

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