Space-Saving Home Products That Women Will Love

March 5, 2022



The BluPrint Team

Women definitely love shopping and spend a little on things they love, whether it’s for their home or for themselves. Whether they are condo dwellers or homeowners, they want to make every inch of their spaces count. For this, they are always looking for top space-saving and convenient home products that are perfect to splurge on. To celebrate Women’s Month, you can give every woman in your life these home solutions from Wilcon Depot.

Sofa beds

Top on our list is the sofa bed. It is a perfect gift for someone with a small and limited space. A sofa bed is a multifunctional furniture that can be converted quickly and used as a couch and bed. Its space-saving feature will maximize their space without compromising comfort for a more comfortable seat and cozy sleep at night.

Heim Keisha 1-seater and Grey 3-seater sofa beds

Dining set

This dining table set is designed with a square-shaped glass table and four chairs perfectly fitted underneath. The four chairs can be easily put back under the table when not in use. It is an elegant and classy furniture piece at home and a perfect addition for those who want to save space in their dining area.

Heim Bet dining table set

Frameless mirror with hidden storage

Maximize their space in the bathroom with these wall-mount cabinet mirrors that meet both style and function. As mirrors can make any room look bigger, these frameless have hidden cabinet storage to keep all bathroom essentials in one place. Choose from a single and double door cabinet mirror that would suit their bathroom space.

Pozzi frameless double pull door and single door cabinet mirror

Shoe Organizers

A shoe rack can surely save plenty of floor space and keep their entryway neatly organized. These tier shoe racks can get all pairs of shoes, slippers, and high heels in one place. It is an excellent storage shelf for their collection of footwear.

Folding and stackable chairs

Folding and stackable chairs are the most preferred seating option as it can be used easily and placed anywhere. These are perfect for any room as extra accommodation and can be folded and stacked in one place when not in use. 

Heim Talus folding chair, Jamil outdoor folding chair, Ursula stackable chair green, and Jedai stackable chair khaki

Wall-mount multilayered shelves

To let them save some floor space, why not give them these wall-mount multilayered shelves to help them organize and display small plants, picture frames, clocks, books, and other home accessories stylishly. 

Folding Table

These foldable tables come in square and rectangular surfaces that can accommodate 4-8 seated people. It is a perfect gift to add to their living room or dining area. In addition, they can save enough floor space for these tables for it can be folded effortlessly when not in use.

Heim Jaiden outdoor folding table and Jhaime outdoor folding table

Clothes Drying Rack

Grant them home essentials for their laundry area with these easy-folding and durable clothes drying racks. It is made of high-quality materials that can hold ample washed clothes and be used indoors and outdoors. It could be one of the most functional and practical gifts you can give. 

Plant Hanger

Give joy to their inner plantita self that would allow them to show off their favorite plants. Displaying their small potted plants and flowers wouldn’t be a more eye-catching and beautiful statement in their living space. This plant hanger would make them love plants even more.

Mint Craft planter hanger

Pantry Organizers

Pantry organizers can help them keep their kitchen spaces clutter-free and organized. These 5-tier organizers are a practical storage solution for tight spaces. It can store all-around kitchen essentials such as spices and seasonings, condiments, and other baking and cooking ingredients.

Home Basics 5-Tier over-the-door pantry organizer and 5-tier steel wire storage rack

Shower Caddy

A functional and versatile shower caddy is an instant storage and space saver that can keep hygiene essentials accessible during shower time. It is an excellent accessory for their bathroom space that provides convenience with its easy installation by hanging it over the shower. 

Euroware shower caddy and Interdesign Forma Series shower caddy

These space-saving home products can surely make any home look and feel more spacious—the perfect home products from Wilcon Depot that you can grant the special women in your life.

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