These Hot Summer Interior Trends Will Keep You and Your Unit Super Chill

April 2, 2018



Denny Mata

1 Soft Linens and Cotton

Fabric should be your top priority when preparing for the hot and humid weather. Opt for airy, breathable, flowy, and light fabrics for upholstery, blankets, and other beddings. You won’t go wrong with soft linens, and cotton.

2 Artisanal and Organic Elements

While we’re aiming for the airy and light, we’re also looking at the warmth of artisanal and organic elements in your unit. We’re talking about wood, rattan and other woven materials, and even leather. These elements are great for contrast to the softness and lightness of the fabric you use.

3 Plants, Plants, and Plants

But what really help cool a place are plants, plants, and plants. Indoor or houseplants have been incorporated in every home, whether its a mansion or a teeny-tiny condo. So, your condo summer feels must have plants to stay cool and on-trend. But foliage doesn’t stop at real plants. If you can’t have plants in your unit (see: black thumb), you can have elements of it through the color green and shades of it, and prints and patterns of leaves and even flowers.

4 Ice Cream Hues and Pops

What’s cooler this season are the color trends. Well, a little literal, cool and soft ice cream and bursts of popsicle colors are what you should be painting your walls, or if you aren’t that bold with colors, you can have it in smaller proportions with your home decors.

5 Tropical and Vintage Prints

And since we’re in a tropical country, tropical prints on home decors and wallpapers are a must in every summer-trendy homes. Give this trend a 70s vintage twist and you’re rocking the summer interior trends!

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