Sunday Sunday Cafe in Cavite Makes Every Day Feel Like Sunday

August 10, 2022



Rick Formalejo

Sunday is a special day for many people. It’s the day of the week when they can relax and prepare for the coming week ahead. “Sunday Sunday Cafe” in Silang, Cavite wants its visitors to feel like every day is a Sunday.

Irish Reyes, the owner, shares with BluPrint that the name of the cafe was inspired by Sunday Mornings that perfectly captures the divine moment of waking up, sunlight passing through the windows, birds chirping, and a gracious little reminder that today is going to be a beautiful day. For Irish, Sunday is the best day of the week. 

The cafe is a two to three-hour drive from Manila and situated alongside a road leading to Tagaytay. The main concept of the cafe focuses on creating a space for locals and coffee enthusiasts that offer a relaxing experience in an ambiance that perfectly portrays a laid-back and cozy weekend every day of the week, alongside serving homemade food and locally-sourced coffee. 

Roselle Cruz, Interior Designer of Old Enough Studio, came up with the overall design of the cafe, including the light distribution of both artificial and natural light, air ventilation, traffic flow, and furniture pieces. The design is a careful translation of “Sunday Vibe” while maximizing the space’s condition, budget, and constrained timetable. 

The space features huge windows that help maximize natural light. The interior is also characterized by the play of textures and forms on the walls, floor, and furnishings. Meanwhile, one of the walls is accented with a backlit textured panel that portrays the sun rising on a weekend morning. 

In addition to the hand-crafted textured wall, most of the materials used in the space were meticulously sourced from nearby areas. These materials include local wood for furnishings, rattan for drop lights, pebbles, and plants.

The facade of the cafe features its logo, which is a representation of the Eurasian tree sparrow (Passer montanus), locally known as Maya, bearing the sun on its wings. Graphic Designer Kevin Enriquez designed the logo which visualizes the sparrow bringing the warmth and goodness of the sun down to each cup of coffee at Sunday Sunday. 

“The carefree nature of sparrows and the easy-going ambiance of Sundays help bring out our Sunday’s best, one cup at a time,” shares Irish. 

The color palette of the cafe also plays a vital role in the brand’s identity. “It recreates that familiar Sunday feeling we all know and love; an easy-going and lasting memory of a relaxed day,” Roselle explains. She adds that the Summer Teal is Irish’s favorite color and the Sparrow’s yellow ties the palette together. She also emphasizes that the cafe’s design is airy, warm, and welcoming, contributing to the unique experience that the space provides while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

The location of the cafe also has a significant impact on the design of the place. The area experiences cold weather in the first and latter quarters of the year. To let cold air come inside the space, the large window in front can be opened. It also lowers the demand for an air conditioning unit. 

Sunday Sunday Cafe is passionate about supporting local farmers that produce high-quality coffee. They also aim to create a complete experience of “spending a weekend in the best way possible” vibe every day of the week.

“We want to bring the warmth and goodness of the Sun down to each cup of coffee that we brew and create every day just like how special Sunday is to us,” Irish shares. 

Photos by Ed Simon

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