Find the Perfect Cooktop For Your Kitchen

February 25, 2016



Razel Estrella

Get your kitchen the ideal cooktop and oven for your cooking lifestyle.

We have indeed come a long way from cooking over the fire from burning wood and coal. Cookware has evolved through time and buying a simple cooktop isn’t good enough. Most people can’t even tell the difference between a stove and a range or use it interchangeably.
Here’s a quick review of the terms we need to know before we head out to the market.

  1. Stove – A stove comprises of burners to heat food and is used for surface cooking such as frying and pan-searing.
  1. Oven – The oven is an enclosed cooking apparatus makes use of heated coils. It is commonly used for baking and roasting.
  1. Range – A Range has both a stovetop and oven.

Types of Stoves

  1. Gas – Gas stoves tends heats food evenly and responds to temperature changes quickly. It is a favorite among professional cooks and households.
  1. Electric coil – Electrical energy running through the coils is converted into heat. It is also low-cost and has no risk of kitchen fire.
  1. Ceramic glass cooktop – Underneath the ceramic glass are heating units and a built-in sensor that indicates the burner status. The only con about it is the cookware you can use is limited. Cast iron, metal and stoneware can damaged a ceramic glass cooktop.
  1. Induction – An induction cooktop can generate heat directly on the cookware when it heats up. It works better with cookware made of ferrous materials.

Types of Ovens

  1. Conventional vs. Convection – In a conventional oven, heat is radiated from one source having an uneven temperature. Convection ovens, on the other hand, use fans to circulate hot air inside the oven for a good distribution of heat.
  1. Gas vs. Electric – Many still choose it Gas because the cost of cooking is lesser in the long run while electric ovens are easy to use easy to clean. Keep in mind that both conventional and convection ovens can be powered by gas or electricity.

With this, it’s time to ask yourself what cooktop do you really need for your cooking lifestyle?
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