These Are The 7 Colors That We're Loving Right Now!

May 7, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Colors are a great way to incorporate personality into a space. Colors can instantly change how you perceive a space and they affect your overall experience of a space. This makes painting an important factor in any design of any home.

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Painting your walls is a cheap way to make your space special and more personal. While it might be easy to pick your favorite color for your room, once you’re fronted with paint options, it’s easier said than done. Dulux has 2,000 colors you can choose from, and if that’s still not enough, they’re more than willing to customize for you.
In the recent Dulux launch, Dulux’s Managing Director for Decorative Paints in South East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East Jeremy Rowe points out, “Filipinos are happy people, and colors play a key role in their lives as witnessed in the many fiestas throughout the country.” However, the vibrancy of the Filipino character that is often not seen in fiestas and other celebrations are often not seen in their homes’ paint choices.

“We hope to be able to bring out more of the Philippines’ colorful culture, and inspire others to create more vibrant, livable experiences together,” shares Dulux’ Jeremy Rowe.

Here’s some of our top picks from Dulux’s color selection! Trust us, it wasn’t easy to choose from so many options!
Dulux paints
Dulux paints
Dulux paints
Dulux paints
Dulux paintsDulux paints
Dulux paints, trendy colors 2018

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