FARM bring together two homes in a poetic fashion. The Wall House infuses the aesthetics of classical Chinese gardens with the flair of modern minimalism. The result is a home that promotes a deep connection to nature with a dynamic materiality.

A Pairing of Elements

The two distinct geometric blocks centralize the home’s main concept. A dominant natural stone finish defines the rectilinear profile of the structure. Different shades of gray accent the smooth white finishes that provide relief. The flat roof design further emphasizes this minimalist trope and gives way to the landscape’s character. 

A two-storey block contains the living spaces while the smaller structure is dedicated to entertainment. It addresses the scale of the expansive site and makes room for the client’s requirements. Doing so creates an opportunity for dialogue between these two areas, leaving room for views and light for each. 

Connecting these two distinct volumes is a breathtaking central courtyard. An organically shaped oculus sculpts the entering light as it touches the grounds. Surrounding spaces are seamlessly blended through the lack of partitions. Six willowy trees add a touch of nature reminiscent of artful Chinese landscapes. Above, a reflecting pool surrounds  the oculus,bridging it closer to the upper-level landscape. 

Infusing Cultural with Technical

The Wall House draws upon design techniques utilized in classical Chinese gardens. It’s a philosophy that involves a careful composition and sensual relationship between different elements. Large glazings open the home to borrowed views, a practice of framing nearby outdoor scenes, through cutouts and vistas. Sightlines and spaces overlap to entice use while promoting visibility.  It’s an arrangement of balance and harmony that focuses on presenting the landscape in its best light. 

While visual appeal is important, the design also includes an appreciation of nature in a technical aspect. Its composition strengthens the passive features’ effectiveness, reducing consumption and reliance on artificial systems. The use of natural and local materials minimizes the carbon footprint produced by manufacturing and transportation. Finally, the deep integration of landscaping elements, such as the central courtyard, invites a healthier environment within the home with nature and tranquility in mind. 

A Calm Abode

An open floor plan allows for fluid movement and visual connectivity between rooms. As continuity is established, a spacious feel is strengthened by the floor-to-ceiling windows that meld with the adjacent outdoors. It’s a spatial relationship that’s built to tie into one another, which is afforded by the segregation of the structure’s massing. 

The Wall House uses simplicity and minimalism as its guiding aesthetic. Low profile furniture and sleek detailings maintain a clean and uncluttered look within. Its natural materiality emits a cozy aura, especially in living spaces, while a smooth white finish speaks to modern sensibilities. 

The Wall House brings together form, function, and cultural influences. Its use of modern design is inspired by the timelessness of Chinese garden design philosophies. The separation of two blocks gives its users a greater intimacy for each of them and makes room for a central courtyard to define the heart of this home. 

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Photo credit: Bryan van der Beek & Edward Hendricks

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