What is Modern Organic Interior Design?

July 31, 2023



Shan Arcega

Modernism was sometimes associated with blandness. Maximalists disliked its sleek and clean style that gives off the coldness that maximalism shoos away with plenty of warmth. There is such a thing as modern organic design though and it’s a trend that balances maximalism with minimalism.

Casa Cecilia in Laguna is one example of the modern organic design.

What is modern organic design?

The trendy organic modern style blends modern minimalism with nature’s natural beauty. It introduces warm neutral tones, rich textures, and natural materials to cool contemporary spaces. It’s influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s sentiments and the Brazilian Modern movement balancing organic elements with modernist functionality.

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Elements of modern organic design

Remember that less is more.

Its form says less is more. Focus on a minimalist approach first and let simple silhouettes take the spotlight. Add organic shapes with soft, curved lines for warmth and visual flair.

Its color says subdued, natural palettes are key to achieving the modern organic look. Keep the same palette to ensure a visual flow and if you would like more color, opt for the pops of terra cotta or olive green to stay in the earth tones.

The materials include the naturals–wood, jute, stone, bamboo, clay, rattan, and linen. To balance everything out, add in contemporary metals like brass or stainless steel for a modern edge. Imperfect natural materials also add a bit more character to the space.

Textures in a modern organic space pair soft linens with raw, porous stones. Soft with rough, smooth and monochromatic with a hint of warmth. Putting these together will give the pace more depth and character.

Give it more layers. Add organic accessories like throw pillows, woven blankets, or throw blankets to achieve the cozy look. These accessories should be sized accordingly though. It’s better to choose a large sculptural piece rather than a collection of smaller accessories, and a statement art piece for a blank wall rather than an entire gallery of art.

Adding natural accessories will balance out the space’s modern background.
Natural accessories are key elements.

Natural elements, of course, are the final touch. Display trees in the room’s focal points, style oversized branches in clear and dramatic vases, and hang plants overhead. Aside from improving air quality and reducing stress, natural touches can nullify the coldness of clean contemporary lines.

Combined, these elements would make up a home that is modern but still one with nature.

Photos by Jeric Rustia

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