What To Try In The Grove’s Retail Row

April 11, 2016




A fresh new community just outside your condo unit

When someone looks into a new home, one factor that they always consider is the community. Having a good community within your home is a sign that you are living in a convenient and a comfortable place. It has become a trend for condominium developers to incorporate ways for their residents to create a community within their confines of their unit. One example is The Grove by Rockwell.
Last year, The Grove opened The Retail Row, a place where you can build a community with good food and amazing services. This is a perfect spot for tenants and non-tenants who want to try something new and fresh that is just a walking distance or a 5-minute drive from their home.
So what are the places you need to try in the retail row?

  • Asakusa: Home of Tempura – After the ramen and katsu trend, the time has come for the tempura phenomenon as the next big thing. Tempura will now be given a great importance because of Asakusa. Your seafood craving will surely be satisfied when you try their Emperor Set Tempura made from huge tiger prawns.
  • Burger Pub – Good music, good drinks and good food are what makes Burger Pub unique from burger joints across Manila. Their burgers are usually neat and simple but looks can be deceiving. As you take your first bite, a variety of flavors will instantly explode like you’ve never imagined.
  • Backyard Kitchen + Brew. – A place where you can literally wine, dine and have a good time. Backyard isn’t just about the food, but it’s also about their drinks. Offering a wide variety of Draft & Flavored beers for you and your friends. And if you’re a “Potterhead”, they also have a version of the famous Butter Beer—a perfect drink to wash down that delicious Beef Salpicao.
  • Village Barber And Supply shop – A good place to get a dapper haircut. As you step inside you will automatically feel what a real barbershop should actually be like. Just get a simple haircut and you will instantly experience Nirvana.
  • Rustan’s Supermarket – Having a grocery just below your condo unit is the ultimate convenience for every tenant.
  • Aruga – The Grove doesn’t only cater to its tenants; it caters to its guests as well. With Rockwell’s Aruga By The Grove, you can experience what it feels living in The Grove for a night or two. Book an accommodation and you can use The Grove’s amenities like a true Rockwell resident.

Aside from these restaurants and establishments, The Grove also conducts events to bring different people all over Manila to be part of their neighborhood. Just recently, Sunset Beats & Eats: An Outdoor Food & Music Affair had their 2nd event right in front of The Retail Row. This was an event to showcase The Grove’s growing community joined with good food and good music.
These are just some examples of what you can try in The Retail Row. As it reaches the final completion this year, more and more restaurants and establishments will be opening very soon—and you better be there to experience it!

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