Work and Play: TaskUs on Its Creative and Inspiring Workplace

September 22, 2021



Micah Mongcal

Meditation rooms, gyms, and ball pits: TaskUs is not your typical company, and this is clearly reflected in their workplace design. We interviewed top management and employees at TaskUs to find out what inspires people to have fun and work hard.

At TaskUs, we offer best-in-class employee benefits such as exceptional health coverage (extended to dependents),  scholarship programs for our teammates’ children, tuition reimbursement programs, and free mental health programs. However, to Us, Culture is not just about these benefits; it is about how we come together as a team to produce incredible results. 

Our core values exemplify the Culture we foster: 

1. Inspire Others by Believing in Yourself 

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

3. Do More with Less 

4. Continuous Self Improvement 

5. Always Strive for Excellence 

6. Work Hard, Have Fun 

7. Exercise Emotional Intelligence 

8. Be Ridiculous 

– TaskUs

The interview describes how the company is building people-centered and inclusive offices, how workplace architecture and design can be improved in a post-pandemic future, and the value of creating office spaces that promote the health and well-being of workers, as well as creativity and productivity. 

This company only exists because of the tireless work of our frontline teammates and incredible efforts of our support organizations from HR to IT to Finance. We want to continue supporting the career growth of every TaskUs employee.

TaskUs CEO, Bryce Maddock

This year, TaskUs Inc. became a publicly-traded company, subsequently awarding its leaders and employees with cash bonuses and equity. The company also celebrated its 13th anniversary and announced planned office expansions across the globe. 

Their current sites in the Philippines include Anonas, Quezon City; Antipolo, Rizal; BGC, Taguig; Imus, Cavite; Meycauayan, Bulacan; Clark, Pampanga; Batangas, Batangas; San Fernando, La Union; and Tagbilaran, Bohol. The majority of TaskUs sites are strategically located to ensure that employees don’t have to move out from their hometowns just to find decent work – fulfilling the company’s promise to put people first. 

The House Teamwork site in Pampanga is designed with a “Modern Kaleidoscope” theme, which reflects the culture of creativity and diversity in the company. The playful and colorful interiors offer visual stimulation and encourage employees to be bold, bright, and vibrant. 

Many collaborative spaces in House Teamwork are furnished with modular tables and seating, which can be arranged to create flexible workspaces. These can be set up to fit the team’s needs, and easily reconfigured for the next users afterward. 

TaskUs is at the forefront of the movement in workplace design which recognizes the benefits of versatility and choice, as opposed to the traditional cubicles or fixed open-plan offices. The design also comprises a wide variety of tactile surfaces, colors, and lighting. 

The Company’s site in Bulacan, Fort Excellence, is designed with the theme “Aesthetics of Joy.” The interiors show a continuity with the visually stimulating and colorful design of House Teamwork, taking the playful aspect of the Pampanga site several steps further. House Teamwork flaunts whimsical balloon-themed structures and decorative elements, lavish ball pits, and unusual lighting fixtures on the ceilings, such as upside-down flower vases and multi-pronged bubble chandeliers. 

TaskUs is a place to be you. Our culture is a direct reflection of our people as a collective spirit.

TaskUs differentiates itself with its people-centered company culture. With its recent successes, the company is proving that an investment in workplace design is better for the company’s performance, and better for the employees’ well-being. Their approach can change the way that workplaces are designed in the future.

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