Condo-sharing 101: 4 Things To Consider with Your Future Roommate

February 28, 2018



Denny Mata

Whether you’re renting your unit out to earn money, reduce expenses, or just to have some company, you should be critical when sharing your unit. Aside from the legalities that entail condo-sharing, there are personal matters that you and your future roommate should talk about and agree on. So, before you open your home to outsiders, consider these 4 things with your future roommate for a happy condo-sharing.

1 Privacy/Boundaries

First and foremost, you must set a definite boundary to everyone who share the condo with you, including yourself; state it in your contract. Privacy or having a personal space is crucial. It allows you and your roommates to do multiple activities without having to burst anyone else’s bubble. If you have multiple bedrooms, privacy wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, for single-bedroom units shared by more than two people, there should be a clear division for privacy.

2 Finance/Expenses

You’re renting your unit out to have extra income or to reduce your financial burden, so you better be mindful of your roommate’s rent. Discuss with your roommate the payment method and the coverage of the bill he or she will receive each month. Split your utility bills among yourselves. If you have issues on one person using the utilities more often or much more than the others, you should discuss it before you sign your contracts.

3 Responsibilities/Chores

Splitting among yourselves doesn’t stop at the finances or expenses; it also includes chores or responsibilities. Of course, you should be responsible of your personal spaces. However, with the spaces you share like the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom, there must be a person responsible for each or at least a schedule of chores.

4 Visitors/Guests

Condo sharing doesn’t automatically mean you can’t have other people over aside from your renters. You can discuss this with your future roommate(s) and set days or a specific time when you can have visitors or guests over. You wouldn’t want to third-wheel or get out-of-place, right?

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