This 35-sqm Contemporary Condo Has Storage Everywhere!

March 19, 2018



Denny Mata

MN Design Studio. When entering the unit, a well-organized layout and furnishings in natural, earthy colors and brass accents immediately welcome visitors and give a calm and relaxed hotel room feel. The left side of the studio has a large custom cabinet wall that combines a bar, desk, closet, display and several storage options. The fun bar integrated in the cabinet wall is reminiscent of upscale hotel rooms. Beige high chairs and sophisticated ceiling glass cabinets complete the look. Opposite the huge cabinet wall, a small dining area with comfortable lounge chairs, a modern glass table and space-enhancing wall mirror invites the owners to enjoy their meals. A large light-framed square centerpiece brightens the room and serves as a room divider, entertainment center and display cabinet. Maria Luisa points out the custom-made furniture piece as a favorite in her new Manila home. “Because of the accent wall, our studio looks like a one-bedroom apartment,” adds Alex. Behind the light-framed square centerpiece are the bed and gray custom sofa. The two are placed at the center of the room for a relaxation area. Placing the small sofa between the TV and bed cleverly combined the bed and living room. Beige and gray tones give the are a cohesive look. On the right side of the bed, instead of of space-taking bedside tables, the owner and designer opted for wall-mounted shelf that can be used for books and stylish accessories. Under-shelf lighting illuminates the wall. On the opposite wall is an integrated desk on the cabinet wall. It offers space to work while continuing the contemporary style vision of the condo. Custom made furniture perfectly fit the work corner. A glass display cabinet and wooden desk drawers meet the owners’ need for ample storage space. Also, a hidden opening in the desk keeps light switches and electrical outlets, a convenience inspired by high-end hotel rooms. Most of the accessories found in this contemporary condo are travel memorabilia from the owners or the Dapitan Arcade. The unit’s furnishings were sourced from contractor ABD (Allen B. Dizon) and were custom-made, a decision Mauro encourages: “I try to push clients to choose custom-made furniture just to make sure that they get the best of the best. Custom furniture pieces are unique and the owner can dictate the size.” “I’m really happy with the outcome of the condo. I told my husband ‘maybe we should live here now,'” Maria Luisa beams. Alex agrees. Just a day before the married couple jetsets to New York City for a vacation, Alex shares, “We can actually be nomads now! We can live both here and in Davao and alternate between our two homes.” This story first appeared on CondoLiving 2015 Vol. 11.2. Edits have been made for

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