How To Style A Condo From Scratch With Pinterest

March 21, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Pinterest is a gift. It’s where everyone goes to for easy recipes, inspirational quotes, and fun DIYs. In the past few years Pinterest has been revolutionizing the way people, both interior designers and homeowners, design their homes. Pinterest is a rabbit-hole of design inspiration and space-saving hacks. Many condo owners now use Pinterest to style their own unit and manage to make it look and function perfectly for their lifestyle and style. Here are 7 steps to follow to create your unit from scratch with Pinterest.

1 Think of the Layout

Before you get excited and key in Scandinavian style on Pinterest’s search button, first look for layouts that will match your condo’s space. This will help you greatly with space planning your condo. Before you get to the styling part, you first have to figure out your unit’s main flow and give you ideas on how to maximize your space.

2 Pick a Style

Now to the more exciting part! Picking a style is all about choosing what type of look you’ll be comfortable to have in your space. Pinterest has so many design inspirations for any style out there. You can key in minimalist, scandinavian, art deco, tropical, mid-century, and so on. We recommend the following formulas to key in your Pinterest search space: (style you like + interior design) or (style you like + design ideas) or (style you like + condo or apartment) or (style you like + living room/bedroom/kitchen/etc.). Get more creative with what you put on the search button to discover more ideas from all over the world. best condos 2017, best condo, condo 2017, best condos Read More: The Best Condos That Owned 2017

3 Organize your Boards

Organizing your favorite pegs per board is what makes Pinterest so special. Create your boards and house each idea in there. Before you start pinning, create boards first and fill each board with pins as you go along. Here are some boards you NEED to have:

  1. Layouts
  2. Colors
  3. Patterns
  4. Style Inspiration
  5. Space-saving hacks
  6. Furniture
  7. Accessories
  8. DIYs
  9. Kitchen
  10. Bedroom
  11. Living room
  12. Bathroom
  13. Balcony

4 Create Your Color Palette

Key in color palettes that you would want in your home and use it as a guide for your entire space. Look for your main color and your accent hues that will match the style you like. These are the only colors that will be allowed in your space or the priority colors so your space won’t look like a colorful mess. It will also make choosing paint easier for you.

5 Download the Pinterest App

When you go furniture and accessory shopping, you can have your inspiration boards with you through the app. No need to take screenshots that will eat up your phone’s memory. Your pins should guide you on what accessories and furniture pieces to buy, so you should have it with you in your phone while you shop. Remember your unit’s measurements and bring a tape measure when shopping!

6 Accessorize with DIYs

You can look for “DIY Home” or “DIY Decor” to get ideas on how to accessorize your unit with decor you personally made.

7 Create a Final Board

With so many ideas in so many boards, you have to create one board that will highlight your favorite pins. This is your “biblical board” or the main board you will follow when you are conflicted on choosing furniture   Word for the Wise: We still recommend that you ask for professional help from licensed interior designers, especially if you’re planning to do a big renovation that requires retiling, taking down walls, and so on. Pinterest is a tool to help you style your unit, designing your unit should be left to the professionals.

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