Walls are the seal protecting our souls from the outside world, enclosing us with only them as our company. But in their stillness is the comfort of solitude; and in their restraint is the elusion towards true tranquil living. IDr. Ivy Almario, Muñoz Architectural Studio, BrioArc Design Studio, and Hurray Design brought their distinctive perspectives to craft four interior designs that subtly convey their clients’ stories.

Infused with their expertise and personal touches, these spaces communicate the owners’ character through the quiet elegance of their work. In every corner, partition, and space, intimate details speak to a greater narrative, inviting those who enter to discover the tranquility they encapsulate.

Architecture of Silence invites you to leaf through its  pages and explore these exceptional interior designs. 

Openly Living in Silence in the City

“Ambivert in the City” interior designed by IDr. Ivy Almario. Photographed by Ed Simon.

The Owen House emanates a paradoxical relationship of its interior details from its location. Despite being situated in Taguig City, owners Ruth and Bob Owen chose to distance their home from the busy streets. Earning the silence and seclusion it needs, this abode delicately opens itself to blend in with its new natural setting. With its rows of massive jalousie windows, it invites sunlight to cut through the depth and heaviness of its black walls. These also give way for fresh air to easily circulate across the house’s spacious rooms. Another eye-catching feature is the circular glass overlooking Ruth’s office, allowing natural light to seep through. Acting as a spyglass, this interior detail best embodies an ambivert in the city—keeping its privacy while still yearning to connect outside.

Apart from its physical openness to its surroundings, Owen House also discloses its owners’ life stories. The usage of concrete as the main material is a tribute to the couple’s solid dedication to business and engineering. Even with the absence of words, their home speaks of their origins. Interior Designer Ivy Almario, knowing Ruth personally, included touches relevant to their identity, adding a vibrant garden mural inspired by yakan fabric in acknowledgement of Ruth’s Zamboangueño roots. 

“The residence thrives on openness” as authors Shan Arcega and Patrick Kasingsing describe it. While the house remain physically reclusive, it still silently opens itself to the city. 

Highland Haven of Tranquility

“Highland Haven” designed by Architect Joel Munoz. Photographed by Ed Simon.

While the Owen House stands in the middle of extroversion and introversion, the G Residence took a different direction. Situated in Laguna, the “Highland Haven” fully opens itself to its green and mountainous landscape. Aiming for an open and informal design, Architect Joel Muñoz of Muñoz Architectural Studio did not hold back in capitalizing the view outside. The house used the land as extensions of its open plan spaces, exposing the interior to the picturesque surroundings. 

Muñoz also knew of the clients’ balanced dualist personalities in terms of their work and active lifestyle. In his words, the owners had practical and flamboyant sides, to which he aligned his interior design goals. To truly match their characters, he welcomed their involvement during the planning process, presenting a plan fitting to the balance his clients desired.

On the second floor is a wraparound balcony presenting more open views of the provincial scenery. It’s a far better outcome had they followed the initial plan to turn it into a home gym. The G Residence truly embraced openness in every way possible. Reflected on its soft white walls and deliberately simple finishes are the careful refinements made to create a highland haven of tranquility.

Balance Simply Does It

If Walls Could Talk: Stories of Silence Within The Interiors.
“Engawa House” by BrioArc Design Studio. Photographed by Ed Simon.

Also rooted in the idea of simplicity is the Engawa House in Bulacan. Based on the client’s request to build an open sanctuary, BrioArc Design Studio created an abode of privacy and socialization. Architect Pierre Briones balanced the home’s functions by strategically designing areas that can seamlessly accommodate gatherings and personal solitude. 

With the integration of cost-effective solutions, Briones still fulfilled the client’s ideal home even with budget constraints. Basic materials combined with a smart play of colors, textures, leading lines, and shapes created a simple yet bold interior. 

This dwelling’s eco-friendly systems allow it to have a non-disruptive natural connection. Instead of overly relying on artificial ventilation, the architect oriented the house’s structure and landscape to avoid harsh afternoon sunlight. Strategic jalousie window placement, deep eaves, and an outdoor layout provide enough natural air and shadows to reduce heat. 

Even from the quiet comforts of its indoors, the Engawa House finds balance in functionality, comfortability, and sustainability. For all the home’s seemingly contrasting qualities, the clients found their serene retreat that simply does it.

Visual Feast Of Harmony

“B Residence” by Hurray Design. Photographed by Ed Simon.

Lastly, the B Residence embodies a rich culture and character silently revealed within its walls. Located in Pampanga, the house adopted a fusion of culinary influences paired with the personal taste of the clients. Citing the province’s cultural identity, furniture designer Milo Naval and Hurray Design chose the kitchen to be the core of their craft.

With the client’s intention to create a social space and open gallery, the house exudes a mixture of designs. The clients’ Filipino, Italian, and contemporary Asian art collections pervade every corner of the interiors. The choice of decor also display their artistic side, complementing the residence’s overall narrative. There are also luxurious bag collections displayed at the heart of their home. The B Residence truly is a visual feast, maintaining orderliness within its lavish ambiance.

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Though our walls are silent, they bear witness to the life unfolding within. If they could speak, these interior designs would reveal the profound tales of silence they hold. Architect Briones hopes these design stories inspire a deeper engagement with nature and sustainability. He shares: “I hope they get inspired to explore more on the design that connects to nature. Design that’s very sustainable and creates an impact.”

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