Since the beginning of the pandemic and the sudden loss of office jobs, consumers have developed an epiphany that spending and saving money on a regular schedule is not enough to build a promising future. Simply earning a fixed amount of money to pay for necessities and house rent on a monthly basis will not guarantee growth. Instead, consumers discovered that investing their money on products and services that provide a return on their investment and more opportunities to increase their passive income means that they can secure a stabler life in the future without having to pay rent for temporary homes or budgeting through a spend-and-save routine with a nine-to-five job. 

In 2020, more than 10 million new brokerage accounts were opened and entered the economy. The pandemic led us to take advantage of the digital age, where we can move markets while working from our homes. On top of that, new promises of great returns came in the form of life and health insurances, mutual funds, and bonds.

Among these, the Philippines has one of the best real estate policies according to an article on RemitFinder, as it gives incredible potential returns despite the global crisis. The satisfaction of owning your own property is a great reward especially when you are starting your own family, looking for a permanent home, or considering retirement. There are a hundred ways to invest in four types of real estate: residential, commercial, industrial, and land. 

Crown Asia, the pioneer of thematic homes and communities in the Philippines, strongly advocates that the key to financial security is by investing it on real estate and seeking a permanent residence, not just saving it up in a stagnant account. 

Residential real estate

The gates of Vivace are fit for a castle

Investing in residential properties, such as family homes, townhouses, and condominium units, hopes for a value increase over time. Sometimes, you can also rent it out during the waiting period. Investing in a townhouse or condominium can also generate huge profits with multiple tenants that generate passive income when they pay their dues. In owning multiple properties, you may live in one for the rest of your life and rent out the rest, hitting two birds in one stone.

However, it is possible to receive more than just money with a good deal. Owning a property will have a great impact on your emotional well-being as it improves security and satisfaction. Crown Asia presents properties that are ready for occupancy and permanent residence, built to be an equal partner in pursuing your bigger objectives and expanding business ventures. Crown Asia’s designs give life to three generations of timeless elegance: Classic, Eastern & Western, and Contemporary. With homes and condominiums inspired by different time periods and cultures, you can find a place suitable for all life stages.

Condominiums with a purpose 

Investing your funds in their safe condominium spaces benefits your financial and emotional well-being. Mid-rise luxury units can either be opened for rent or be used for yourself, and its unique construction allows you to gain access to natural light reflecting on large pool surfaces, grand amenities, relaxing gardens, creating a place suited for get-togethers and family gatherings. 

For a cozy city get-away, consider putting your finances in the Modern Danish-inspired Pine Suites located in Tagaytay City. Surrounded by nature and a short drive away from an array of restaurants and establishments, Pine Suites sits away from the main road and the busy life for the relaxation you need. You can either choose from a classic studio with a balcony installation or the two-bedroom setup.

Three mid-rise five-story buildings built with modernity make up the Pine Suites

A stunning Italian-inspired condominium development, the Valenza Mansions, claims the city of Santa Rosa, Laguna as its throne. The architecture exudes elegance with its gated area and upscale community. Eight mid-rise buildings with beautiful blanche colors and wide surroundings are accessible through four SLEX exits. Valenza Mansions offers investors who are looking for a clean and accessible condo unit with one-bedroom spaces ready for occupancy, perfect for a functioning workspace in a quiet environment. 

Nearby, the city of Bacoor, Cavite boasts the existence of the harmonious Meridian. Taking on a more residential market, Meridian units are accommodating to the needs of every family in the cultural, social, and economic aspects of their lives. The friendly community is abundant with healthy green gardens, resort-inspired amenities, and open spaces for a weekend vacation for both locals, tourists, and families alike, giving you a comfortable stay and a smooth urban transition. 

The stunning night view encompasses the entire Meridian community

Taking you home in elegance

Crown Asia houses are built not just to make a statement, but to create a lifestyle of refinement and culture. By gathering inspiration from classic paintings and pleasing aesthetics, you can own a fully-furnished house, perfect for a vacation destination, renting out, or growing a family.

Crown Asia’s romantic and striking design is evident on the Lladro, a spacious luxury home located in Vista, Alabang. The house is characterized by its high ceiling and functional rooms that include three bedrooms, three toilets and baths, a powder room, and a multi-purpose convertible room, depending on your configuration. Residents can gather in the spacious living room made for close-knit family bonding. From the outside, a blend of oranges, browns, and maple is a feast for the eyes. 

The Lladro features an authentic and romantic exterior and a Hawaiian-styled lanai

Near the Valenza Mansions is Francesco, a pumpkin-colored, Italian-inspired abode. This 142-square meter space is the epitome of a modern family home, amplifying the beauty of its community in Valenza of Santa Rosa, Laguna. The warm tones invite a soothing atmosphere that combines sophistication and grace. Extremely friendly and accessible, Francesco is located near grocery stores, malls, schools, and hospitals, making it the perfect place to start a new life together with your loved ones. 

Two remarkable Crown Asia homes can be found in the amiable city of Cavite. Newberry Model, the three-story townhomes are set in delightful peaches and pinks; the very embodiment of a grand dollhouse made bigger. Quaint little terraces add a pleasing tone to the already-vibrant mood, accompanied by the stone roofs and brick walls. Meanwhile, Imus houses the Amethyst model, yet another dollhouse-based architecture with vibrant pink and fuschia exteriors with white linings.

The Newberry model is beautiful and exquisite in its delicate design

The best property investment

For a solid future and calculated financial returns, Crown Asia’s premium houses and condominiums highlight excellent quality and accommodations, leaving no room for error. As one of the leading developers in the country, exquisite themes provide stylistic layouts without compromising sturdiness and security. Whether you are planning to invest in real estate for your own personal use or generate more income, Crown Asia fulfills your dreams in both strategy and style.

For more information, Crown Asia’s RFO properties can be found on their website. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to view more incredible masterpieces and expressive architecture.

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