Lively Rhythms in Everyday: The Flying Block Hotel in Vietnam

August 14, 2023



Shan Arcega

A person’s everyday surroundings can have an impact on their mood and emotions. A colorless and lightless room can induce depressive moods over time. Good lighting, soothing colors, and clean spaces meanwhile can bring in positive energy.

In city living where one could be surrounded by buildings and the everyday things the eyes are used to seeing, its important for designers to be able to think outside the box. Creating a long-lasting structure that brings function into form makes a big difference. Local firm TAA Design does this with The Flying Block Hotel in Vietnam.

The Flying Block Hotel is a fresh sight in Phu My town.
To give trees space, the facade has an irregular rhythm to it.
Some blocks are playgrounds, others are just gardens.
The Flying Block Hotel gives a fresh sight to the industrial setting.

The structure is a complex that works as an accommodation for the professionals living and working in Phu My town. The town itself is famous for having the largest concentration of industrial parks. Many other heavy industrial factories and container ports are also here.

The project’s focus is to make the quality of living a better environment. So each greenery block provides different outdoor activities. Some blocks are gardens or elevated playgrounds. Each is integrated into the spaces to break free of the day-to-day work in the industrial park. The block’s irregular arrangement not just gives space for the greenery and trees to grow but it also gives the facade a lively rhythm–one that breaks free from the norm.

Photos by Hoang Le

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