Water is the most abundant resource on the planet and nothing will ever change the fact that it’s the elixir of life for every living creature on earth. For the longest time, water has been used for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

In ancient times, some cultures used water not just for health reasons but for ceremonial reasons, too. Early Chinese religion and medicine for one firmly associated water with purification. Ceremonial bathing then was understood to be an enduring part of the elite’s social life. For the general population, it was part of a ritual calendar. Either way, water even then was a healing element and makes water features a great addition to any home.

Healing the mind with water

Water is one of the world’s natural stress relievers. The mere look and sound of it can even elevate the mood as it inspires relaxation and rejuvenation. According to scientists, living near the water can even improve physical health and well-being. Direct contact with water can make people happier, healthier, calmer, and even more creative. So for people who live deep in the city and too far from natural water sources, installing water features at home can be a good choice to help lighten the mental load gather from everyday stress.

With an indoor water feature, you can

Sleep Better

The sounds of trickling water are one of the most relaxing sounds. Being around nature in general also helps reset the body clock and regulate sleeping patterns.

Concentrate More

Water is white noise that can block out distracting sounds. In the chance that you live in a noisy area, the sounds of water can block out the noise.

Improve Air Quality

Water features can humidify the air and make it cleaner with the released water vapor. With cleaner air comes better health and a better mood.

There is a wide range of water features that people can include in their homes. For those homes with more space, it could range from extravagant wall water fountains, cascading water fountains, or small and simple Japanese water fountains. In Basti Lacson’s Bahay na Bato Nouveau, a small koi pond sits between the living room and dining area. Aside from being a great design, it also helps with air circulation.

The small, indoor koi pond is a refreshing feature in the Lacson home. Photo by Ed Simon.
Just above, there’s an open skylight that allows for better air circulation. Photo by Ed Simon.

National Artist for Architecture Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa meanwhile has two fishponds. The first one is located just outside the master bedroom, making it a refreshing sight to wake up to in the morning. This pond is also stocked with fish ranging from tilapia or pla-pla for the occasional fishing. The other pond stocked with catfish is in the zaguán. A bigger pond, it’s a feature that guests and family admire during dinner or family get-togethers.

The trickling water features add to the serenity of Mañosa’s home.
One pond is right in front of the master’s bedroom and offers a beautiful view.
The other pond is wider and fit to entertain guests.

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Understandably, not everyone can have large water features like this but rejuvenation through water isn’t really focused on how big the water feature is. Sometimes, even just a small table water fountain can be enough to make a house feel livelier.

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