Movement and Fluidity: The Architects’ Key to a Dynamic Home Living

May 24, 2023



Roanna Alonzo

Renowned architects Royal Pineda and Norman Agleron walk us through their design principles and processes that make the life of the Filipinos better

Getting swept up in the excitement of designing a home is a wonderful feeling. You want to make sure everything goes according to plan. Yet, amidst all the fun, there’s always a possibility that you won’t see design dilemmas right away. It is during these times that you’ll need advice from the experts to help you ensure that you don’t overlook anything critical before breaking the ground. Hence, Architect Norman Agleron, the hospitality architect behind The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, and Architect Royal Pineda, the principal architect of the New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac, reveal their approach that will save you the time and the money in the long run.

Royal Pineda and Norman Agleron design principles architecture

Although they clearly have different areas of concentration, both architects share the principles of movement and growth at their conscious attempts in creating a living space that evolves alongside the people that inhabit it.

For one, Architect Norman and Architect Royal look at every space as a belief system where God is in the details and the soul is in the planning. Perhaps this is because design preferences are highly contextual; they have to work for those that would use it now and in the future. “Each person is different,” Architect Norman emphasizes. “Before we even kick off the design process, we get to know their lifestyles, their preferences, their comfort zones. It is very much like cooking, where you carefully put ingredients together and exceed what the client expects.” 

 “Everything [you implement at home] has to be purposely designed—the kitchens focusing on functionality, the bedroom on comfort, and the wardrobe on organization.”

Norman Agleron, Partner Architect, HBA Manila
Royal Pineda and Norman Agleron design principles architecture

“The idea is to be able to push for a culture of betterment. If we’re just giving [our clients] what is commercially available and nothing is really bespoke to them, then we are not improving their lives,” Architect Royal elaborates. “I cannot approach a space and do what I’ve done in the past, because that only meant there was no improvement. So, as an architect, I take that challenge to advocate for change.”

“[Design] never about the style, but rather the actual manifestations of our belief systems [that all rely on planning].”

Royal Pineda, Principal Architect and Chairman, ROYAL PINEDA+

In essence, the architects’ principles do not just focus on the decorative aspects of design, but also on the ways each element provides people with a new perspective—whether that is a change in mindset or a level-up in their way of life. “Seeing all these Italian pieces [from Modernbrands] that have the potential to improve the lives of Filipinos… There is no excuse that a person cannot live properly,” Architect Royal states. To which Architect Norman justifies: “To a certain extent, a comfortable life is a luxury. But coming from a hospitality design background, one does not simply pay more for the sake of achieving comfort. You are actually investing for longevity and timelessness—two factors that are vital in living a dynamic life.”

In the Philippines, Novacucina, Alf DaFre, and Santalucia Mobili are all distributed by Modernbrands. Their showroom is located at 7489 Bagtikan St., Makati City. To book an appointment, call (+63)917-811-9392.

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