Office Muto’s House with a Garden Creates Strong Connection Between The Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

July 28, 2023



Rick Formalejo

The environment of the site location is crucial when creating a design concept. For Office Muto, they have to consider the topography of the site when designing the House with a Garden. The project sits on top of a hill that offers breathtaking views of the nearby mountains. 

Creating Connection to The Outdoor Space

The architect explains that project offers structure through the use of a courtyard rooted in both the site itself and its surrounding architecture. This court constitutes the bare essence of the building. 

On the one hand, numerous traditional sheepfolds characterize the site of Vigla. Simple rectangular volumes adjoined to small courtyards form these sheepfolds. They provide more living space for the animals by associating the indoor space to a larger outside space.

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The place itself, meanwhile, is defined by a not-very common platitude that exposes the plateau to strong winds. It gives all the more relevance to the architecture of the surrounding sheepfolds.

The use of a courtyard around which the building could be articulated allows to create a set of solid formal coherence. It also provides protection against strong winds to extend the relatively reduced interior living space to a much more generous and less expensive outdoor area.

Following that logic, the design team materialized each element of the project through a simple rectangular volume connected directly to the courtyard without secondary circulation. Between — and through — these volumes, openings toward the landscape articulate the relation of the courtyard to its surroundings.

The team used stones extracted from the ground to build the walls while digging the foundations and the underground cistern that collects rainwater. Associated with the necessary concrete elements, they together develop a simple mineral architectural language. It reinforces the horizontality of the building and the unity of the courtyard.

The studio used local materials in modern construction while respecting the traditional architecture. Exposed concrete adds character to the project and at the same time creates harmony with the surroundings.

The project offers a space for calmness and peace. Designed with purpose, the architecture blends well with its environment where users can enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Photography by Simone Bossi

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