Reaching For Bigger Hotels: COCOTEL Partners with Archipelago

September 22, 2022



Rick Formalejo

Hotel technology and property management aggregator COCOTEL teams up with Archipelago International, the largest private and independent hotel management in Southeast Asia. This new partnership aims to tap bigger hotels that need their services. 

Founded in 2018, COCOTEL helps independent hotels and resorts in scenic destinations by increasing their visibility online through the use of technology, digital marketing, and operations. It is currently the biggest getaway hotel chain in the Philippines, listing more than 75 hotels across two countries.

COCOTEL’s refined services may work flawlessly in small, independent hotels, and resorts, but managing bigger properties requires a complex yet easy-to-navigate system and expertise. The company partners with Archipelago International for their latest hotel technology Powered by ARCHIPELAGO (PbA) to sustain its ambitions of signing bigger players.

Powered by ARCHIPELAGO is a suite of tools to assist accommodation companies in accelerating their business and staying ahead of the competition by providing the proper resources, such as teams, tools, systems, and expertise, through an all-inclusive plug-and-play solution. It helps hotels identify missed opportunities, whether in distribution, connectivity, or customer service, and create a strategy that will streamline the process and bring in more revenue. The variations on the name match the beloved brands under the umbrella of the Archipelago.

With the aid of this tailored technology, COCOTEL will gain the capability to add more hotels and operate their properties like a hotel chain.

“We see that COCOTEL and Archipelago have the same vision, which is to help independent hotels and resorts. We see a lot of synergies and the same advocacies as us. Since we are a relatively young company, the PbA team guided us on how we can operate our business like a hotel chain,” says Rafael Jouwena, Co-founder and CEO of COCOTEL.

He adds, “Our goal is to become the biggest getaway hotel chain in the Asia Pacific. We are targeting to have 120 hotels join COCOTEL this year. Next year, we will focus on our international expansion in Australia. With the help of Archipelago, we believe that we will get at least 500 hotels across 4 countries to join COCOTEL by the year 2025.”

The COCOTEL and Archipelago partnership powers properties, such as Brisa Marina Beach Resort Powered by fave, Pier Uno Drive Resort by COCOTEL Powered by fave, The Mangyan Grand Hotel by COCOTEL Powered by fave, Tropicana Castle Drive Resort by COCOTEL Powered by fave, and Safari Hotel and Villas by COCOTEL Powered by ASTON.

“It is a pleasure to partner with COCOTEL Hotels & Resorts and empower one of the innovative hospitality companies in the Philippines. We know all too well the struggles of smaller hotels battling against big names because that is our story. We look forward to this partnership and will offer the support they need to grow and succeed,” says Chris Legaspi, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management.

Photos courtesy of Archipelago International.

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