WELLMADE Supply Studio began as a leather goods company in 2014 but quickly evolved to incorporate modern technology, creating a diverse range of furniture for homes, commercial spaces, and businesses. The studio’s mission is to empower local makers and artisans by blending tradition and innovation in every meticulously crafted piece.

As a product design studio, WELLMADE customizes furniture for homes and businesses alike while also offering ready-made items from their own collections.

At the heart of WELLMADE Supply Studio is a shared manufacturing space equipped with an array of tools and technologies, including woodwork, refinishing, upholstery, carving, resin sampling, and lighting.

These capabilities enable the studio to produce high-quality furniture that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

The REDO Initiative

The REDO Initiative by WELLMADE Supply Studio addresses the fast furniture dilemma by focusing on sustainability and collaboration. Based in their factory in Rizal, REDO aims to enhance lives and communities by preserving local craftsmanship and transforming deadstock into innovative and sustainable furniture.

The concept of REDO was born when Erika Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer, and Daisy Crichton-Stuart, Chief Creative Officer, visited the manufacturing plant and were struck by the piles of off-cuts and neglected furniture. This inspired them to ask, “What can we do about this?” The initiative seeks to turn these excess materials, often seen as “dead stock,” into new, functional, and appreciated items.

The REDO Process

Selecting: The first step involves looking through the inventory and sourcing the perfect piece for the envisioned project, whether baroque or contemporary.

Refurbishing: Skilled artisans bring new life to these pieces, ensuring that every detail embodies a new mark of existence.

Delivery: Once the refurbished pieces pass WELLMADE’s high standards, they are delivered to their new homes.

The REDO Initiative comes to life through a series of activities:

  • 1. Collaborative Design / Co-Creation: Workshops where participants can join the creative process alongside in-house designers.
  • 2. Display Consignment: Collaborations with local artists, designers, or brands to display and sell their creations in WELLMADE’s showroom.
  • 3. Long & Short-term Rental: Providing furnishings for pop-ups and events, with bespoke environments created by skilled interior designers.
  • 4. Collection Launch: Showcasing new collections of refurbished furniture through curated displays and interactive experiences.
  • 5. Buyback & Resell: Encouraging sustainability by allowing customers to trade in old furniture for credit or cash, extending the lifespan of furniture and reducing waste.


REDO: The Rebirth of Furniture

Furniture waste is a significant contributor to the environmental crisis, with millions of tons ending up in landfills each year. REDO by WELLMADE Supply Studio addresses this issue by reviving old furniture and revitalizing traditional Filipino furniture-making techniques.

Through the REDO Initiative, WELLMADE collaborates with artists to rescue furniture from their factory in Angono, Rizal. This project is about more than just giving furniture a fresh coat of paint; it’s about actualizing an artist’s vision and bringing new purpose to old pieces.

The Fast Furniture Dilemma

The fast furniture industry, much like fast fashion, produces inexpensive, trendy items that are not built to last. This results in significant environmental and social impacts, including landfill overload, resource waste, and the loss of traditional craftsmanship.

Environmental Impact:

– Landfill Overload: Non-biodegradable furniture contributes to overcrowded landfills.

– Toxic Leaks: Hazardous chemicals from furniture finishes leach into soil and water.

– Resource Waste: Manufacturing consumes natural resources and generates greenhouse gas emissions.

Social Impact:

– Cycle of Overconsumption: Frequent discarding of furniture leads to inefficient spending.

– Loss of Livelihood and Local Culture: Mass production erases traditional craftsmanship and job opportunities for local artisans.

– Diminishing Sense of Identity: Fast furniture homogenizes living spaces, reducing individuality.

Towards a Circular Economy

REDO aims to add another step to the life cycle of furniture by transforming broken and worn pieces into new, desirable items. This process challenges the notion that second-hand furniture is less valuable, emphasizing the unique stories and craftsmanship behind each piece.

The launch event for REDO: DEADSTOCK EVOLUTION celebrates the transformation of deadstock furniture into eclectic, bold creations. This event highlights the resourcefulness of creatives and their commitment to sustainable practices.

Participating artists include Andre Chan, Summer de Guia, Cab Nov, Kevin Pineda of MA+KE lab, Brian Ver, Lea Hernandez, Chini Lichangco.

REDO by WELLMADE Supply Studio is not just about recycling; it’s about life-cycling and giving new life to old furniture, fostering a sustainable and collaborative approach to design and production.

Photos courtesy of WELLMADE Supply Studio

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