The Perfect Scent For Every Area of Your Home

May 23, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Designing your home goes beyond the visual. It is also important to cater to all the other senses, from sight, touch, to smell. Every scent can evoke a different feeling, so you have to think about which scents to place where. Here’s the scent we recommend for every part of your home!

Living Room

Fresh Bamboo, Tropical Escape

You want an energetic vibe for the space where you entertain and welcome guests. We recommend a vibrant and lively scent for this space. Bamboo is a refreshing scent that brings the outdoors in. Tropical Escape has a citrus and floral tone, a bright and festive scent perfect for the living area.

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Smell chic, Smell Chic manila, smell chic reed diffuser


Green Tea, Lavender

You need to relax in your bedroom. We recommend the calming scents of green tea and lavender for this space. Lavender is known to combat anxiety and even depression! Green tea,  on the other hand, is a natural relaxer. 
Smell chic, Smell Chic manila, smell chic reed diffuser 

The Home Office


Your home office has to help you be calm enough to focus but energized enough to get tasks done. Olive is the scent that does exactly that.

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Your Hubby’s Mancave

The Filo Dapper

A more masculine and firm scent, the Filo Dapper is perfect for your husband’s home office, or your son’s room.

Where to buy these?

So now that you know which scents you need, the question is where to buy. In our long list of must-recommend stores is Smell Chic! Smell Chic is a local supplier that has a wide line of products to make your home smell and feel great! It’s affordable too!You can get Smell Chic’s Reed diffuser at P599/each and Room-Linen Spray P499/each. You can visit Smell Chic at their SM North Flagship Kiosk, or visit Retail Lab in Glorietta 3 and Retail Lab in Powerplant Mall in Makati to get your Smell Chic fix!
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