Meditation is a delicate art in a noisy modern world. Left and right, white noise strikes us. From extra information to useless noise that only causes headaches. Life is full of noise that blurs out the chance of peaceful meditation.

There are spaces all around that can help people embrace the delicacy of meditation and small spaces give sanctuary in different ways. From a small reading nook in the office, a familiar seat in the cafe you frequent, as well as the sanctuary of your room. There are also spaces for meditation everywhere, and peace is in any form. For Tadao Ando, The Space of Light embodies peace and meditation.

The Space of Light is an addition to Musem SAN

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Inside the square pavilion, visitors can encounter an interplay of cross-shaped light.

The Space of Light Blends Tranquility and Minimalism

Visitors enter the structure through a narrow pathway made of two diagonal walls which gives an ambiance anticipating meditation. Another key point is the triangular antechamber that’s free of a ceiling greets visitors who walk farther in. This allows for sunlight to filter through and gently intertwine with the building. Moreover, the entire structure is made of exposed concrete that add to the serenity of the space as sunlight streams in through the cross-shaped ceiling. Together, its design fuses light, concrete, sharp lines, and a connection with nature. Among his works, this meditation pavilion is the latest in Tadao Ando’s contemplative series and was created to make people feel like they’re always surrounded by nature.

The Space of Light puts together concrete, light, and sharp lines.

Here, stillness and motion couple with tension and openness. The Space of Light is a structure that puts together these elements. As a result, these elements craft an engaging experience for visitors.

Photos from Museum SAN

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