The Space of Mind Cabin: A Modern Approach to Solitude

May 21, 2021



Maica Jose

The pandemic has forced us all to become versatile and adaptable, but it has forced us to do so within our four walls. Over time, many individuals have started to need more flexible spaces that provide the same safety given by their own homes but present a different scenery to boost one’s mood. Studio Puisto Architects is a Finnish firm that recently pursued this idea and turned it into a modern piece of architecture that highlights minimalist geometry and relaxing solitude within a small structure. 

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A Blank Canvas 

Dubbed the Space of Mind, this small structure is a modern prefabricated cabin measuring only 107 square feet (10 square meters) and was designed in collaboration with furniture company, Made By Choice. As a structure with a design rooted in adaptability, it can function as different spaces ranging from a gym, an extra room, a home office, or even an off-the-grid retreat. Carrying an A-frame exterior, it emphasizes a design that focuses on bringing in only the necessities to express how minimalist designs can offer us an enjoyable and relaxing headspace. Made with ecologically sourced Finnish wood, the structure is not equipped with insulation in order to further connect the guest with nature and its ever-changing weather patterns. As a mass of timber, the structure was designed to withstand even tough arctic winters. With its lightweight design, the structure can be transported to different locations and through various modes of transportation. Its prefabricated design also allows for less damage to the site it will be set in. 

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As an adaptable structure, the foundations can either be done with either the usual concrete or even removable helical piers and comes with various cladding and support. This includes its default larch wood cladding, black tar paper, or galvanized steel with standing seams.

Its interiors meanwhile show off this same flexibility through a modular system that includes a slot and lock system consisting of wooden pegs that can be attached and detached anywhere in the space to function as different pieces of furniture or accessories. The Space of Mind Cabin can also be purchased with a separate dry toilet and an outdoor kitchen or a storage element set next to the door.

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The space of Mind Cabin can be reserved for production slots that cost €700 (approximately P41,000). 

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