These Boutique Hotels in Siargao will Definitely be on Your List After Vaccination

June 14, 2021



Germaine Ann Dilay

One of the most important things we learned during the pandemic is to aim to live life to its fullest. Having limited travel opportunities recently could make us wish we did more of it when we could. Whether or not traveling is currently accessible to you, it is always nice to look back at the beautiful places we’ve seen so far. Siargao is definitely one of the places we look forward to seeing after receiving that second shot of vaccine.

Here are 5 dreamy places to struck your heart and possibly even convince you to turn into a local

True to its name, Nay Palad (English translation: hands of the mother) is a place of nurturing and peace. It is situated in General Luna, Surigao Del Norte in the middle of what feels like a jungle of tropical palm trees, and right in front of it is the view of paradise – white sand and the clear blue ocean water. The overall aesthetic of the villas is highly distinctive because of its long cone-shaped nipa roof. Nay Palad Hideaway gives us that luxurious experience in the middle of a forest. It’s an architectural beauty that’s hard to miss.

Nay Palad Hideaway

Photos by Nay Palad Hideaway

Reef Beach Resort

Vibrant and Modern are the two best words to describe this hot summer spot at Reed Beach Resort. It’s more suitable for group visitors who are looking to experience the island through social activities. The rooms resemble that of an Airbnb room – homey and laidback. It has a spacious open common space where you can stay for meals and just sit down for a good conversation.

Photos by Reef Beach Resort

Bayud Boutique

The design of Bayud is quite unexpected to see for a boutique hotel by the beach, yet also uniquely refreshing. The use of bare concrete materials in contrast with the white elements of the room gives it that modern-rustic character. It is indeed a minimalist property, but not to mention any less of its elegance.

Photo by Bayud Boutique

Las Palmas Casitas

Las Palmas Casitas gives us that fun tropical vibe both through its exteriors and interiors. It is famous for its botanical murals and use of natural materials including the nipa roof, rich wooden furniture, and rattan accent pieces. Plants are the common theme for designs – be it in the villa rooms, bathroom, and common spaces. The pool area has a hint of modernism that became a good contrast to the nature-inspired design of the villas. Though only 350 feet away from the beach, it was able to maintain the ambiance of exclusivity.

Photos by Las Palmas Casitas

Bleu Resort and Spa

As the hotel’s tagline goes, “Enter the blue” Blue Resort and Spa is a place to enjoy the experience of being surrounded by water. The most distinctive trait of the property is its massive pool sitting right in the middle of the resort villas. It resembles an oasis next to a much bigger one with the beach just a few feet away. The rooms are simple yet classy with a hint of Filipinism.

Photos by Bleu Resort and Spa

The current circumstances may not be ideal for travel, but the idea of experiencing paradise again somehow helps us move forward. Let it inspire you, encourage you, and give you hope. Nature is out there waiting – at whichever boutique hotel you choose.

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