Tree House by The Lake: Revisiting a Past with Nature

June 6, 2023



Shan Arcega

When one reuses an old home, they are greeted with traces of the past. Good and bad memories both, homes that have been renovated for adaptive reuse contain a sense of wonder borne from the combination of nostalgia and experience from the new. 

In the heart of Vietnam’s peaceful countryside is a residential home by Vietnam-based studio H2 Architects dubbed The Tree House by The Lake. Inspired by the client’s cherished childhood memories of gathering under the canopy of an old tree and fashioning makeshift tents from leaves, the home is a recreation of that memory and works as a picturesque home where the family’s future generations can immerse themselves in nature and cultivate a deep love for it. 

tree house by the lake h2 architects
As a home with children occupying it, it has wide spaces that combine play and learning
tree house by the lake h2 architects
The Tree House by The Lake is a home that perfectly balances privacy with openness to nature.

The Tree House by The Lake utilizes recycled or ‘scrap’ materials from old worksites and repurposed them to lessen the residential’s impact on the environment. Because of these materials, it easily blends in with its surroundings and embodies sustainability and responsible architecture that advocates for a more eco-conscious future.

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As a place also occupied by children, the Tree House’s rustic, time-weathered, and simple interiors balance tranquility and lightness with quiet playfulness through open spaces that invite warm sunlight, gentle breezes, and the sight of dancing trees. Inside are wide spaces where the children are free to frolic as they explore and learn. 

tree house by the lake h2 architects
A large sunroof allows for as much natural light to come in and bathe the space
tree house by the lake h2 architects
To avoid negatively impacting the site, the old Conch trees weren’t cut down and exist within the home.
tree house by the lake h2 architects
Cool breezes from the nearby lake can easily flow through the house with these foldable glass doors
tree house by the lake h2 architects
Like the usual treehouse, the residence has playful interiors that offer privacy and shelter from moments when the outside world gets too rough.
tree house by the lake h2 architects blueprint

A cool refuge from the outside world, the Tree House resembles a raised hut nestled beneath a canopy of conch trees while harnessing the nearby lake’s breeze for a refreshing and pleasant environment. Because of this open design, the home doesn’t make use of cooling technology like air-conditioning and other modern equipment, reducing costs while helping protect the environment. Though the home is quite open to the environment, it still has essential features of comfort that play between privacy and invitation.

Photos by Dũng Huỳnh. Images from H2 Architecture’s official Facebook Page

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