10 Ways To Divide Your Tiny Condo Without Installing Walls

February 15, 2018



Denny Mata

In every small condo unit, there needs to be a sense of physical and visual division between spaces in order to make your home more put-together or organized. Plus, you wouldn’t want to confuse your guests where to sit, would you? So, to have that distinction, you must find ways to divide your small condo, but without having to put up walls. Here are ten room dividers you can try.

1 Orient and Re-orient Furniture

Most of the time, furniture pieces are laid out to fit in small units. But “fitting in” does not suffice. In order to fully utilize every square footage in your tiny condo, you need to orient or re-orient your furniture to be able to create sections in your limited space.

2 Use Different Floorings

You can also install contrasting flooring to distinguish different areas. For instance, you can use wood laminate in the entryway until the living room, then break it with ceramic tiles in the kitchen. If you want a more cohesive flooring, but still want to differentiate spaces, you can lay out the flooring in different styles.

3 Differentiate Levels

Another trick is to elevate one area. Michelle Riñosa-Dy did this in one of her client’s condo, and added storage underneath.

4 Lay Area Rugs

Area rugs are probably the easiest to incorporate in any space, even more in tiny condos where distinction between different areas is a challenge. Aside from accentuating the area where area rugs are placed, they also give character and texture.

5 Use Furniture to Double as Divider

If you don’t want to add anything else to your already cramped space, you can just make your furniture do double duty. You can make your bookshelves your room dividers between your living area and sleeping area, or your sofa between your dining and living areas.

6 Place Plants

If you think plants are only for adding life and pops of greenery in your condo, you’re missing another great use for them. Put your plant babies on display, and use them as room dividers.

7 Play With Wallpapers

Aside from painting your walls in different colors for each area, you can make use of wallpapers to somewhat break apart the spaces.

8 Color-Coordinate Per Area

If you want to be more creative, you can pick specific color palettes for each area in your condo, just make sure you stick to complementary colors to make your space still visually cohesive.

9 Make Use of Your Ceiling

Some units are blessed with high ceilings, others are not. If you’re one of those with high ceilings, take this advantage and elevate your bed. You can opt for a bunk bed and make your underbed a lounge or a work area. Either that or hang light curtains, pendant lamps, or shelves.

10 Divide With Fold-Out Screens

Fold-out screens or dividers are the closest thing to walls, probably in contention with floor-to-ceiling shelves. With fold-out screens, however, you have more flexibility. You can even use decorative ones to add to the design style your condo already has.

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