Renovating Your Bathroom? These Are The Hottest 2019 Bathroom Trends!

March 4, 2019



Denny Mata

1 | Industrial Cues

The industrial style might seem cold for the bathroom with its gray concrete, subway tiles, and exposed hardware components. However, more people are integrating this style into their homes for that warm rustic look. However, if you want to achieve a warmer, more dramatic feel, try adding warm lighting, metal detailing coated in black paint, brass or bronze pipes, warm wood, and switch the wall tiles to bricks (or brick-looking tiles). The result is reminiscent of a Brooklyn apartment given a contemporary update. Do not worry that it might not look like the rest of your condo unit. On the contrary, it can be a very pleasant surprise for guests and will surely be a great conversation starter.

condoliving 2019 Bathroom Trends industrial

2 | Old World Flair

Want more old world feel in your bathroom? Take inspiration from the Victorian era or maybe the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. While you can redo your bathroom to a full-blown vintage space, you may also give it a modern twist. Your freestanding bathtub (choose this style as it can be easily installed) for instance, can get an upgrade such as a new color, finish, and even feet. Take this bright, vintage-inspired tub from Victoria + Albert‘s recently launched range of customizable tubs that we have fallen head over heels with. Got no place for tubs? You can still achieve the same look by playing with colors and other elements from your chosen period. Try an ornate mirror with Art Deco lighting placed on top of the mirror for an elegant take on vanity. condoliving 2019 Bathroom Trends

3 | Spa Features

Of course, the bathroom is synonymous to comfort and relaxation. So, in your next bathroom renovation, why not give it a more spa-like feel? Incorporate wood and marble stone against a neutral palette enlivened by plants and wood finish. We are loving the Japanese zen-sibilities for its easy-luxe vibe. condoliving cozy urban jungle primea design toilet and bath with laundry machine

4 | Open Concept

Another trend you might want to ride with is the open layout for bathrooms. Usually it’s about having no partitions within the room, such as a glass divider between the shower area and the toilet. However, it can also mean a totally open concept that includes even the sleeping area. Whichever you are comfortable with, this is definitely a good way to make your space look more spacious. Plus, it’s a great way to save on lighting and money. condoliving buying bathtub for condo

5 | Statement Pieces

A condo bathroom upgrade does not only mean major reconstruction or renovation that involves realignment of pipes and waterproofing. It can also be about installing a statement wallpaper on an accent wall, hanging a cool artwork, changing the towel holder into a minimal or vintage one, or putting up a quirky vanity mirror.

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