Heads up! 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Call for Entries

October 10, 2019



2020 Stevie Awards

Conferred in the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards and all other Stevie Award programs, the Stevie Award Trophy is one of the world’s most coveted prizes. It was designed by the company that makes the Oscar, the Emmy, and other major awards.

Many of the world’s largest and most famous companies have won Stevie Awards. However, most of the winners each year are small and midsize companies that are still growing and building their brands.

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Guidelines for submission

All organizations – large or small, public or private, for-profit or non-profit and individuals in 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region are eligible to join. 

The first and most important step is to choose categories for your nominations. Categories will determine the specifications of the information you have to submit along with your entry. 

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This 2020, a video may be submitted as the entry description instead of the traditional Stevie Awards written essay. For essays, the requirement is a maximum of 625 words. For videos, the requirement is a maximum of 5 minutes. 

The online application and instructions are accessible via Asia.StevieAwards.com

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Judging Process

All entries are first reviewed by Stevie Awards staff to ensure that eligibility requirements are met, that entries are formatted properly to be judged and have been submitted in appropriate categories. 

Judges will be recruited worldwide, will be invited, or will apply to judge on the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards website. Accepted judges will be assigned to category groups by Stevie Awards staff based on their industry, function, and experience. No judge will be assigned categories to which their own organization has submitted entries. 

Each entry will be reviewed and rated by no fewer than five (5) judges. Rating will be done on a scale of 1–10. Average scores will determine the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners in each category. 

Five Grand Stevie Award winners will be selected and announced at the awards banquet. The organization that wins the most Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Awards will be presented with the Grand Stevie Award for Organization of the Year. The top-scoring nomination from each of the four nations that submitted the most entries to the awards will also receive Grand Stevie Award trophies.

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Dates to remember

The deadline for early-bird entries is on November 27. Entry deadline is on February 6 and the extended final entry deadline is on March 4. 

Judging of entries will take place from February 11 to April 1. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award winners will be notified by April 8. 

The 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards gala banquet will be on May 29 in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

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