This 22-sqm Industrial Condo in Cebu is Completely DIY-ed!

February 13, 2018



Denny Mata

Ryan Navarro managed to style his 22-sqm industrial condo in Cebu all on his own. Ryan is a creative director based in the Queen City of the South, and teaches graphic design subjects to college students on Saturdays. Although his work eats up most of his time, he still makes time to travel and relax on weekends. He also made time to craft his whole condo unit, although he’s not an interior designer. Inspired by the nice interiors he’s seen during his trips abroad, Ryan went for a simple but still functional layout, with a style that has a lot of character. “I was very particular with the quality especially on materials and finishes. I personally supervised the construction making sure everything will turn out as planned,” he shares. In order to get the sleek and masculine appeal, Ryan incorporated brown, black, and gray colors, and textured raw materials. His contractor ripped the original coating of the walls to reveal the unfinished cement to keep the raw and hard overall look. Ryan balanced the masculinity of his unit with soft fabric finishes and throw pillows, and warm lighting for a homey feel. Interesting items from his travels locally and internationally are also added to the design, mostly on the decorative wall behind the make-shift sofa. “I think it makes the unit more personal, not to mention they make interesting conversation pieces too,” Ryan says. He also maximized his limited space by installing cabinets under his bed, as well as a console table below his wall-mounted flat screen TV, and additional closet for clothes and other belongings. He was also able to squeeze in a working desk, an entertainment nook, and a mini bar that doubles as his dining area. Although Ryan did encounter some difficulties DIY-ing his industrial condo, he is proudly shares that he managed to pull it off with proper planning and right choice of furnishings and details.   This story first appeared on CondoLiving magazine May 2017. Edits were made for

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