More cafes have been popping up within Metro Manila. While most of these places have similar menu items, from Spanish lattes to the classic brewed coffees, design plays a vital role in many cafes’ marketing strategies. 

The design of the place is a part of the cafe’s branding, helping customers distinguish each of them from one another. Beyond that, it also sets the overall atmosphere and ambience of the cafe. This can influence customers’ experience and perception of the space. 

A well-designed cafe can create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers. This can encourage them to spend time and enjoy their coffee. Plus, customers tend to share beautiful cafes on their social media accounts.

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Here are three cafes that recently opened that feature different designs for every coffee drinker. 

Futuristic Industrial

Arabica Coffee is a familiar cafe chain for many Filipinos. After temporarily leaving the Manila coffee scene, the Japanese coffee shop came back to Manila with its new location in a Japanese Mall in Bonifacio Global City. 

Arabica Manila

The new Arabica Manila has an upgraded look. Designed by Japanese designer No.10, Arabica Manila’s design focuses on the future of % Philippines. The brand went for a futuristic space that resembles a spaceship. 

The roasting room welcomes the guests which provides the brand’s signature custom roasting service. Arabica offers its signature beans so its patrons can enjoy its coffee at home. 

Arabica Manila hand-off area
Arabica Manila Coffee
Arabica Manila Coffee station
Arabica Manila coffee machines
Arabica Manila merchandise
Arabica Manila details
Arabica Manila seating

Moreover, the new Arabica Manila still has its bright interiors. Metal sheets accentuated the white walls, giving the space a futuristic industrial look. The mirror wall, meanwhile, complemented the metallic elements. Despite having a tight space, the reflections from the mirror and the metallic sheets make the space appear bigger. 

Arabica Manila interior
Arabica Manila merch
Arabica Manila seating
Arabica Manila coffee grinder station

The LED panels on the ceiling tie everything together to achieve the futuristic look of the space. The panels give a soft glow so the light won’t be too harsh, especially with space’s white walls. 

Raw and Edgy

Patton combines fashion with coffee and food. The brand recently opened its clothing store in Greenbelt 5, Makati City, alongside a grab-and-go coffee concept called Patton On The Go. 

Patton On-the-Go

Patton is consistent when it comes to the brand’s aesthetic. The cafe features a raw and edgy look which extends to the clothing store. The gray walls have concrete finish accentuated by strips of white LED lights. Meanwhile, the brand’s logo is placed over an accent wall with a rough concrete texture. 

Patton On-the-Go counter
Patton On-the-Go counter

Since it’s a grab-and-go cafe, it has limited seatings. Visitors can enjoy their food and drinks while sitting on the concrete bench, which is connected to the wall. There is also a mirror on the wall which gives an illusion of having a hole. 

Patton On-the-Go seating
Patton On-the-Go seating
Patton On-the-Go table details
Patton On-the-Go table details
Patton On-the-Go seating
Patton On-the-Go food display
Patton On-the-Go counter

Raw edges are a common element in the space, as well. The concrete tables have rough edges similar to the bench, giving the space its raw and edgy look. 

Parisian Chic

Aperitif is popular for its French pastries. It has pop-up stores in different malls in Metro Manila. Recently, Aperitif has opened another cafe in the south at Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City. 

Aperitif Frontage
Aperitif window

Inspired by a Parisian Cafe, the first thing you would notice is the patio where customers can enjoy al fresco dining. Faux grass covers the floor, giving it a vibrant green natural look. The entrance features glass walls with black wood frames. Customers can enter through the black door with glass panels and gold hardware.

Aperitif al-fresco
Aperitif al-fresco tables
Aperitif main door
Aperitif frontage

An arrangement of flowers hugs the entrance of the cafe, which adds a beautiful element to the cafe’s frontage. Meanwhile, the logo adds a touch of gold to the design.

Aperitif al-fresco
Aperitif al-fresco

Upon entering the cafe, a chic interior design welcomes the visitors. The walls look sophisticated with its dark sage walls with gold light fixtures. Flowers in pink and yellow hues are also a major design element of the interior. A beautiful arrangement covers the arches on one side of the cafe. Crystal chandeliers add grandeur to the interior, too. 

Aperitif seating
Aperitif seating details

The cafe offers two types of seating. Two half-circle yellow sofas give a pop of color to the space. The rest are woven chairs with black and white patterns that match the floor tiles. Additionally, the tables have marble finish with gold rim to complement the other elements of the space. 

Aperitif interior
Aperitif interior

Throughout the day, natural light fills the room coming from the skylight and the windows.

Aperitif interior food display

Lastly, the main highlight of the cafe is the display of Aperitif’s French pastries, from chocolate covered croissants and donuts to its famous selection of cakes.

Photos by the author

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