3 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Neat

February 6, 2016




Some people consider the kitchen as their domain and sanctuary. Sadly, it is prone to being the messiest part of the house.

Keeping the kitchen clean and functional is a bigger challenge the any other area in the house. Regardless if you still have enough eggs to last the week, your kitchen still requires a constant organization and restocking of contents from time to time.
Here are a few tips that can help you keep that beautiful kitchen of yours clean:

  1. Know When It’s Time To Throw Out Leftovers  Throwing food past its expiration date is easy enough. The problem occurs when there is no expiry date to tell us that it’s about time to get rid of the product. You can store your meat n the freezer and it will be good for a next few weeks or months and leftovers must only remain in your fridge for 4 days.


  1. An Organized Pantry – Divide the pantry into zones and create categories. You can organize newer items to be placed at the back and place older items in front. Keep your frequently used items should be placed at eye level place in transparent air-tight containers. And never forget to use labels. These will lead your eyes directly to what you need.


  1. Helpful tools – Bench shelves can serve as a mini cooking station that you can put on the countertop. Also consider having a Lazy Susan in the fridge or cabinets can help you stow as many items and everything you place there is easily accesible. Adding dividers can make your life easier when it comes to organizing smaller things like toothpicks and napkins.

Lastly, learn to recycle those bags from the groceryand keep them neatly tucked with this accessory.
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