4 Core values we Learned from BluPrint’s past Editors-in-Chief leadership

July 17, 2021



Germaine Dilay

 A new era is coming for BluPrint – an era defined by change, a new purpose in our actions, new concepts to develop, and new visions to pursue. In anticipation of that, we dug in deep to remind us the most memorable lessons we learned from every BluPrint’s Editors-in-Chief successful leadership.


Architect Tina Bonoan, BluPrint’s first-ever editor-in-chief started pioneering architecture journalism in the Philippines through championing the brand’s authority. Surely it was not a walk in the park along the way, but Tina was tenacious and took on the challenge. In the early years of BluPrint, the ultimate direction of the brand relied primarily on her strategy, given the limited in-house staff at the time. Nonetheless, Tina was able to push her way through the busy multi-tasking life of a designer/writer. She decided to work with contributors who were also passionate about the community and the content of the magazine. Tina willed her way through to realizing BluPrint’s vision as the definitive authority for architecture and design.

Bluprint editor in chief

“Yes, I dreamt big by calling on such stalwarts in the industry, and they made sure I landed flat on the ground. So I had to discover new writers. I tapped the academe, architects, the well-traveled, the opinionated, the experts, the walk-ins. I was very inclusive. I welcomed (but screened) everyone..” – Tina Bonoan


On to greater things, BluPrint’s second brilliant editor-in-chief, Paulo Alcarazen challenged the perspective of Filipino Architecture. In his first-ever editor’s note, Paulo influenced a paradigm shift – from taking pride in things that are on the opposite end of the scale, to greater, grander things that widened the readers’ perspective.

Bluprint editor in chief

Under his direction, the BluPrint embodied boldness, featuring striking plans and developments.Writers can only do so by observing and experiencing structures with curiosity and the mind and confidence of a critic. Paulo inspired many to look at designs in different dimensions:

“The paradigm shift needed means thinking big without losing attention to detail or bowing to the hegemonic gigantism of consumerist global culture. Only then can our architecture measure up.” – Paulo Alcazaren


Third BluPrint’s editor in chief, Dominic Galicia compelled the community to become more introspective as designers. With the impending growth of foreign design consultancy, Filipino design firms are left with the challenge to push forth authenticity in concept. Dominic called designers to shift their focus from gazing on the structure above ground to digging deep underground, building a strong design foundation with a concept which as Dominic perfectly put into words the key to the artistic success and emotional impact of built work.

Bluprint editor in chief

“We have the talent and we need to rediscover our depth, as manifest in the emotional impact of the best work of architects like José María Zaragoza and Alfredo Luz.” – Dominic Galicia


Judith Torres became the Bluprint’s 4th editor in chief in 2013, a year after what supposedly was going to be the year of doomsday. It wasn’t the end yet, obviously. Just like most Filipinos then, Judith remained resilient. After all, we were then ranked the seventh-happiest and 17th most generous people in the world. We learned through Judith’s leadership that there is a way to navigate through a chaotic past and there will be good things to look forward to. She kept the community’s spirits high as it anticipates the flight of the construction industry. At the time, the government’s budget under the late Former President Benigno Aquino was set to P2.006 trillion, 10.5% higher than 2012’s budget of P1.816 trillion.

Bluprint editor in chief

“So many numbers to look forward to and hold one another accountable for! Yes, the Philippines is no longer a joke. I’m so happy I could cry.” – Judith Torres

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