4 Reasons That Will Inspire You To Go For a Gadget-Free Bedroom

March 26, 2018



Pat Herbolario

The bedroom is a special place in any condo. It’s where we condo dwellers rest after a busy day and recharge for the next. There is a growing trend in several households that ban the excessive use of technology should be banned, not just for kids but for adults as well. In condos, it’s hard to make a gadget-free bedroom, especially if you have a studio unit. However, the key to a gadget-free bedroom is keeping your phone away from your bed. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and TVs can cause a lot of strain to your eyes and prolonged exposure to technology can negatively affect your overall well-being (tired eyes, less sleep, eye bags, etc.). If you want to relax after a busy day, consider turning up the music and setting the lights low so you can truly rest. We know, it’s not easy. A gadget-free bedroom is a huge change for most of us and it might seem impossible. However, it has to be done. Leave your phones on a table or even a box if it’s hard for you to commit to a gadget-free bedroom. However, here are 4 benefits that can inspire you to have a gadget-free bedroom.

1 Better Sleep

With no buzzing and ringing on your side table from every little notification from social media, you can expect a more seamless and peaceful sleep. More and more studies explain that there is a co-relation between tired eyes and the amount of time we spend in front of a screen. “The more screen time, the worse the quality of sleep,” said Gregory Marcus, co-author of a research from the University of California that states the relation between technology exposure and sleep quality. 

2 Much More Rested Eyes

We all know long-time exposure to gadgets can cause eye-strain, having a gadget-free bedroom can help your eyes relax better before you go to sleep. Oft for books or magazines as a reading material before you hit the sack. A long exposure to your screen/s mean long-time exposure to blue light, a straining light for your eyes. Why do you think they created blue light filtering lenses and a “night mode” on your phone? These lights tire your eyes out, especially if you’ve been exposed to a desktop at work all day. 

3 Feng Shui Said So

The bedroom is a safe haven and should be meant for rest and romance only, especially according to Feng Shui. Introducing a TV or a mobile screen into the bedroom violates the two main purposes of a bedroom. Also, this is said to have a strain on your marriage or romantic relationships. Screens in the bedroom (TV, Mirrors) are said to invite a third party into the relationship, and who wants that?!

4 A Better Relationship

If you live in with a partner or are married, leaving the phones by the bedside can help your bond improve. Christina Leggett, a senior researcher at the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland in Australia points out, “Engaging in technology separate to a partner while in the presence of them encourages a disconnection rather than a connection.” Leggett wrote a study with Pieter J. Rossouw about how technology affects relationships. Both agree that technology, in or out of the bedroom, has a negative impact on relationships.   However, there are gadgets that help us sleep. Relaxing sound-makers, dehumidifiers, and so on can help you find that shut-eye session you have long dreamed of. Just be careful and mindful of excessively using your phone!

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