5 Condo Security Hacks To Know Before You Go On Your Next Vacation

February 7, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Valuables are secure. It’s one thing to lock your doors and shut your windows, it’s another to actually make your condo really secure from thieves. Here are 5 condo security hacks to know before you go on your next vacation:

Condo Security Hack 1: Ditch the Door Locks

We’re not saying forget door locks comepletely, try installing better quality ones over the ones the building gave you. However, ask your building admin if that is allowed. If not, you can install an extra doorknob to make sure your unit is extra secure.

Condo Security Hack 2: Hide Valuable Items In Unexpected Places

For instance, place your cash in between pages of books. You can also hallow out some books to keep valuables in them as a secret keepsake box. or your precious items wrapped in plastic and placed at the back of your kitchen cupboards.

Condo Security Hack 3: Have Fake Jewelry

Thieves will obviously hunt down your dresser first. A key trick to this is to fill your dresser with faux fancy jewelry and let the thieves think they managed to get something out of you. Since robbers tend to work fast in these situations, they won’t have time to verify if they got the real gold until after the heist.

Condo Security Hack 4: Don’t Post Online

Instagram posts and Snapchats are a great way to document your trip, but one way to keep your unit locked and safe is by being wary online. Don’t post on social media that you’re going away for a vacation, it lets the bad guys know that your fort is vulnerable.

Condo Security Hack 5: Give Someone You Trust the Keys

We’re not talking about moving in with your partner, but if you’ll need to leave a copy of your keys to someone you truly trust — especially if you’ll be out for a long time.They can check your unit once a week. Not only is this for security, it also assures that your unit will be in tip top shape once you get back.

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