5 Design Podcasts on How to Spruce Up Your Space

May 7, 2024



Hannah Haber

Tired of skimming through various prints to get new design inspos? Or maybe the same familiar design trends flashed on social media are no longer helpful for you. Perhaps what you need is some advice and tips to help you see interior design in a new light. 

Design podcasts offer a fresh perspective into the world of design. Unlike social media posts, podcasts delve into the “why” behind design trends. You can hear from industry experts, designers, and even homeowners who’ve transformed their spaces. Gain insights on the latest trends, timeless principles, and practical tips – all while you’re commuting, cooking, or cleaning. It’s design education and inspiration on-the-go!

Give your exhausted eyes a break and tune in to our top 5 design podcast picks.  

Homing In

Launched in May 26, 2023, Homing In is the second podcast by the London-based real estate agency, The Modern House. Known for their hyperlocal marketing, this business already built a wide audience before venturing into audio content. 

Following the success of the three-season-long podcast TM Hear, Homing In presented novel angles on finding meaning in homes. Hosted by The Modern House’s co-founder Matt Gibberd, it features creatives discussing their former houses and aspirations for their present homes. 

In these one-hour episodes, be inspired how design experts attach value and infuse a piece of themselves into their spaces. 

Do you speak design? Let’s Podcast!

Design Podcasts.

The Do you speak design? Let’s Podcast! kicked off during the Salone del Mobile in April 2023. Organized by the furniture fair in Milan, this podcast shares “thoughts, news, concerns, enthusiasms, but also dreams of  the design community.” 

Throughout the six-day event, the podcast produced six episodes following six letters each representing three related words to the theme. This format is a “Bruno Munari-inspired way of emphasizing the diversity and richness of design.” Starting with its pilot episode L is for Lamp, Light, LED, host Anne France Berthelon discussed a key element in the design world with Simone Farrensine of Formafantasma. Among her other prominent guests were British designer Bethan Laura Wood and Salone Satellite founder Marva Griffin. 

Do you speak design? Let’s Podcast! discusses different aspects of interior design compressed in bite-sized 8-minute discussions. 

Design Emergency

Initiated in November 2022, Design Emergency explores the possibilities of design and how it could affect the future. This collaborative design podcast stemmed from an informal Instagram live series during the early years of the pandemic. 

Acting as a platform for the design frontliners, it tackles climate emergency, refugee crisis, and how technologies affect us positively. Led by the Museum of Modern Arts’s Paola Antonelli and Wallpaper’s Alice Rawsthorn, designers, architects, and engineers voice positive societal change through design.

Discover the greater impact of design and get motivated with its eye-opening potential in thirty minutes episodes 

The Chromologist

Design Podcasts.

The newly produced The Chromologist marks renowned British paint and wallpaper manufacturer Farrow & Ball’s entry into the podcasting industry.

In this design podcast, Farrow & Ball provide an in-depth look at how color psychology functions in homes and its effects on the residents’ moods and emotions. Hosted by their very own color expert Patrick O’Donnell, art and design experts share their remarkable defining colors in life. Among the guests who shared their “stories through color” were Christopher John Rogers, Tan France, and Mary Portas.

Listen in for half an hour as O’Donnell talks to prominent creatives and discover your own color story.

Dear Alice

Dear Alice launched in October 2019, hosted by Alice Lane Interior Design owners Suzanne Hall and Jessica Bennett. With their knowledge and expertise, they make the exclusive interior design industry more accessible to design enthusiasts. 

From broad interior concepts like layering and molding, this podcast breaks down topics into simple and specific trivias anyone can follow. Besides simplification, Hall and Bennett also offer designing tips and converse about the current trends in the design world. 

Now on its second season, this podcast is your adviser if you want to learn interior design basics for free. 

Unlike static images, design podcasts come alive with storytelling. Hosts and guests engage in conversations, sharing the thought processes behind design choices and the inspiration that fueled them. You’ll hear about the challenges faced and the creative solutions that brought a vision to life. This deeper understanding can spark your own design thinking and help you translate those ideas into your own unique space. 

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