Every detail in a home matters. From interior decors, to pattern choices and distinctive furniture, we draw inspiration from our life’s passions. While our first interaction in space is visual, flooring is the first physical contact we experience. At FloordLab, a flooring company with over 30 years of experience in construction and trade, they aim to bridge the gap between passion and flooring.  

With an approach to flooring as a canvas of creativity, FloordLab’s philosophy revolves around integrating art into flooring. This idea allows us to experience the intersection of technology and craftsmanship, promising uncompromising quality from statement tiles to engineered wood. For a more intimate and personalized consultation, FloordLab’s exclusive invite-only studio is a haven of sophistication.  

The Studio of Creations

Floordlab - flooring materials
Bring your imagination to life and immerse yourself in a sensory experience on flooring.

With FloordLab’s recent showroom innovation, designers, architects, and homeowners are even more empowered to curate the finest flooring solutions that reflect their shared vision of functionality and design. Situated at the heart of San Juan City, this concept store integrates taste and culture into a retail environment that promotes creativity and passion.

As guests approach FloordLab’s showroom, they are greeted by their façade that sets the tone for a tranquil and imaginative experience. The carefully crafted exterior captivates the eyes with a mesmerizing display of blue and red small geometric tiles, forming a harmonious composition that speaks to the artistic spirit of the brand. The intricate arrangement of these tiles showcases the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing unconventional design choices. Each meticulously placed tile invites guests to explore the possibilities within the showroom’s walls.

Floordlab - tiles collection
Explore the creative artistry of tiles and find the perfect piece for your home

Inside the showroom, clients discover more of FloordLab products in use. The different wall sections have tiles installed from FloordLab’s collection, resembling artistic murals reminiscent of luxurious wallpapers. Aside from these featured pieces on the wall, they also have a variety of wide range flooring options that guests can easily browse through with their assistance.

To make the journey even more experiential, FloordLab made the showroom a sensory playground where guests can look, listen, smell, and touch the space around. Clients can feel the textures and different flooring materials of the tiles through their sample boards and displays. For everyone’s benefit of visualizing ideas and gaining inspiration for their own projects, the brand also showcases beautiful and artistic flooring photos on a big screen. After getting some ideas from the screen, guests get the opportunity to present their plans and perspective to FloordLab’s consultants for a collaborative session of exploring flooring solutions that can meet their standards. 

Sky’s the limit as the brand’s collection encompasses a boundless range of looks, from classic marble and stone designs to contemporary textured patterns. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, their tiles can perfectly set anyone’s personal stage. 

Floordlab - bathroom
Floordlab - kitchen
Floordlab - living room
Floordlab - living room
Floordlab - living room

To meet every individual’s desired aesthetic and functionality, FloordLab acknowledges the importance of size adaptability as well. Not only do they have different tile styles, but they also offer tiles in different dimensions, where artists of their own spaces can experiment with various layouts and patterns. 

If you’re looking to create a sense of spaciousness, they have the large-format tiles, but if you’re more into intricate and detailed designs, there’s always the smaller tiles to test on. With all these choices made conveniently available by the company, your distinct preferences and spatial requirements can be brought to life.

Not only do these tiles elevate aesthetics, but they also offer practicality. Their waterproof nature makes them perfect for wet areas, ensuring beauty and functionality in bathrooms and kitchens. With intricate designs adorning the homeowner’s walls, guests can find engaging conversation starters. 

Details, Quality, and Purpose 

The showroom floor is a work of art, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines FloordLab’s engineered wood products. The engineered wood’s rich textures, natural grains, and lustrous finishes harmonize with the tiles that adorn the walls and displays, creating a seamless and visually stunning ensemble.

This intentional pairing of the engineered wood with the tiles is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and cohesive design experience. It allows visitors to envision the harmony that can be achieved by combining different flooring materials within a single space. 

Floordlab Artists
With FloordLab, you become an artist of your own space.
Floordlab Artists
Discover a curated collection of tiles that speak to your aesthetic sensibilities.

As guests move along, they can see art pieces thoughtfully scattered throughout, seamlessly merging with the exquisite flooring displays. It reflects a belief in the transformative power of design and the ability of art to evoke emotions and tell stories. By immersing visitors in this artistic journey, FloordLab invites them to see the flooring in a new light and embrace the limitless possibilities at the intersection of art and design.

Floors may not need much attention, but it is part of your personal space that reflects your personality and style. Moreover, it can affect the quality of your life, which is why choosing the suitable material with the right brand can make a difference. 

To know more about FloordLab’s latest collections of high-end floorings, you may visit their website and showroom at Metrolofts Xavier, San Juan City, and make your space even more welcoming. 


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