In a quiet and nature-oriented residential village in Laguna, JCCA Design Studio was commissioned to design the Bali-Inspired House. The inspiration behind the design is straightforward, the studio had to comply with the village’s standards of producing a Balinese Themed House Concepts in line with its Bali-themed Village. They also had to consider the client’s request of having a modern house. 

According to Architect Justin Chua, JCCA Design Studio Principal, the studio’s approach was to create a modern and tailored design without stripping the space of its Balinese concept. The residence features big windows and less walls to give full attention to natural lighting. Chua explains that a layout of typical Balinese homes is designed to flow seamlessly from one space to the next, creating an open and airy feel. 

The studio also created a large free double celling space between the roof-ceiling and floors. The unparalleled space blends the beauty and symmetry that is rejuvenating and restful for the users.

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Moreover, the materials used contribute in completing the Balinese concept of the house. The residence is characterized by a palette of subtle finishes, colors, and natural textures, creating a calm and welcoming ambience. White is the dominant color of the house, which according to the architect, symbolizes purity and balance. It adds contrast to the wood ceiling elements and outdoor nature. 

Despite being inspired by Bali, the studio made sure to design a house that responds to the local climate. Chua explains that providing a bigger than the required setback or front yards will counter the intensive heat gain and provide ambient winds from the outdoor plants or trees to the indoors as well. “This also connects us to design large floor to ceiling glass panels to pull views of the landscapes,” he adds. 

Another highlight of the house is the triangular open glass aligned with the pitch roof. This detail adds character to the house. It transpires the studio’s inspiration of creating a modern Balinese house. 

Photos from JCCA Design Studio

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