A Sneak Peek of Elyu’s Shorebreak Hostel designed by J+A Architects

December 2, 2021



Maria Rebecca Abaya

Being an archipelago country, the Philippines is surrounded by massive bodies of water. Having over 7,000 islands, its coastline sums up to over 36,000 kilometers, making it less surprising that one of the most enjoyed water activities in the country is surfing. There are several favorite surfing spots in different regions and one of them is in the province of La Union. As the sport continue to gain popularity in the area, several surf camps began to scatter all around, creating a thriving community of surfers.

Eyeing to be fully completed by the first quarter of 2022 is the newest surfer’s hub, Shorebreak Hostel that will be located in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. With a minimum of 5 hours of travel from Manila, the new development aims to further cater to the incoming surfers as they gather and play in the sparkling waves of Elyu. Designed by J+A Architects, with principals Ar. Jervin Manankil and Ar. Arianna Avendaño-Manankil, the Shorebreak is a passion project and a collaboration between the architects and the clients.

One of our goals is to create a work of art that will further cater more art. Aside from unifying the community, Shorebreak as an accommodation facility will provide bedrooms, in capsule layout for solo light travelers, and dorm-type to be able to cater bigger groups.”


The hostel’s façade exhibits bare finishes with the use of polished concrete and board-formed concrete walls. The intention was to highlight the future plants that will gradually crawl on the walls, reflecting the client’s love for plants. Artworks from local artists shall also be displayed on the said façade. As the location of the project is up north, the local materials available include bricks, concrete blocks, and local timber. The architects took advantage of using these materials as accents to the interiors, thus adding warmth to the overall ambiance of the hostel.

Part of sustainable design is not only using the local materials but being mindful of the local industry as well. The furniture was sourced locally in support of the local designers and builders where guests will be able to see a lot of rattan accents. In this way, the architects can somehow showcase the products of the local furniture market.

Another advantage of being nearby the beach is the availability of fresh natural air. The architects used jalousie windows on all rooms and lounge areas to maximize the entry of natural air and as well as natural light. To further embrace the natural breeze, more open spaces and air wells are incorporated into the design.

The ground floor of the hostel will house the main reception, the lounge or waiting area, the spacious dining hall, the main kitchen, and some of the service areas. On the second floor, various types of room accommodations are available and the main communal toilet and baths for both males and females are also on the same floor. There are more accommodations on the third floor and this time, more private bedrooms with their own toilet and baths are available.

What we want to achieve for Shorebreak Hostel is to give the users an environment where they can relax and enjoy the sounds of the waves and the salty air of Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union,” says J+A Architects.

Article Credits: Drawings and images courtesy of J+A Architects ©

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