A Unique Diffuser for Unique Interior Design Styles

April 5, 2021



Shan Arcega

Improve your interior space aesthetic and invigorate your sense of smell too.

We’ve all been trying to find different ways of reducing stress while inside our homes. If changing what you see isn’t enough to quell the growing stresses of staying indoors, then perhaps a change of scent is your next move. There have been lengthy scientific debates about how our sense of smell can affect our moods. According to therapist and women’s health practitioner Hayley Merrick, fragrances are capable of uplifting us or soothing anxieties. Because our sense of smell is activated by the brain’s limbic system, fragrances can help us remember specific memories about a certain place, time, or even person.

Taking this into consideration and the fact that it’s difficult to leave our houses to remember all the great times, aromatherapy can be a quaint method to quiet our stress. But if candles or aroma pots don’t suit your preference, then diffusers would be a great addition to your space. Not to be confused with a humidifier (which only keeps the air moist), diffusers can come in different styles and could add to some specific design aesthetic that has its own notable traits that can serve as mirrors to the chosen diffuser.

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The natural Rustic style uses raw and often stylishly unfinished elements like simple wood and stone. While its architectural details usually showcase vaulted ceilings with wood beams and reclaimed wood floors, its decor has a sense of warmth and familiarity due to being collected from the outdoors. A natural-looking yet stylish diffuser like the Pureglow Crystal Himalayan Salt Diffuser is a great pair for this type of design. Aside from having a built-in light with five levels of brightness, it has a transparent 160-millimeter water tank filled with hand-crafted Himalayan salt crystals.

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The popular Transitional style harmoniously blends the traditional with the modern styles. Incorporating modern and sleek materials like steel and glass, it unites these with plush decor and furnishings with a neutral color palette that no only invites warmth but also keeps up with the modern style. A beautiful ceramic ornamentation to add to this type of interior space can be the HoMedics Ellia Gather Diffuser. With an artistic design, it has a built-in light that changes colors and also has its own library of soothing sounds to help relax, brighten, or focus one’s mood. 

The Minimalist style is especially popular in Australia and is based on the modern style. As one that further simplifies elements, it makes use of neutral and airy colors while the furniture is streamlined and highlights clean lines without being flamboyant. The Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser in particular is known to be slightly larger compared to other diffusers. As a 500 milliliter sized item, it takes fewer refilling trips and can keep spritzing oil scents for a maximum of 180 minutes, offering both more time to enjoy its fragrances and a more subtle presence since one wouldn’t need to visit it for several refills.

As famous as the modern style, the Contemporary style is still widely different from a modern interior space. A fluid style that adapts its interiors with the current trends, one can say it has a sense of ordered chaos for not being restricted to one style. The Organic Aromas Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser would be the most apt addition to such a rebellious style. Aside from doubling as a diffuser and humidifier, it has a stylish and slightly flamboyant design despite being silent when spraying fragrance into the space. 

Though aromatherapy isn’t a surefire way to cure mental health, like many small pleasures in life, different fragrances can actually help lift our mood. And what better way to magnify scent than to bring the perfectly designed diffuser into your space to add to your aesthetic approach? 

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