Abroad Coffee Fixes: Here are 5 Vietnamese Coffee Shops to Visit Soon

September 19, 2023



Shan Arcega

May it be a business meeting or a simple meet-up with friends, hanging out in coffee shops is a typical pastime for many people in different countries. Vietnam for one, has been one of Asia’s cradle for coffee culture since the 19th century when the French colonizers came to the country and has several beautiful Vietnamese coffee shops. Modern culture still shows how strong this coffee culture still is all over the world. Maybe even stronger now since a coffee shop’s design or aesthetic also affects the experience of spending your time in a coffee shop. In coffee shops with great designs, you won’t only be inspired to work or study, you can also find better design ideas for potential client projects or even a little passion project. 

Coffee shops are probably the most abundant in Vietnam where the coffee culture has deeply steeped itself into the country’s daily life. So as expected, the local coffee shops have adapted to modern times as well.

Here are just a few of the aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in Vietnam.

HHT COFFEE by P.I. Architects

HHT Coffee by Quang Tran
HHT Coffee’s design mimics its location where undulating valleys dominate the horizon. Photo by Quang Tran.
HHT Coffee by Quang Tran
One of HHT Coffee Roastery’s most interesting features is the ceiling patterned after the valleys outside. Photo by Quang Tran.

HHT Coffee is set on a hillside somewhere in Da Lat. This location sets up endless and unobstructed views of the valleys while presenting visitors with visually pleasing patterns like the staggered layout of the building blocks and roof shapes that mirror the undulating hillside views. A polycarbonate-wrapped exterior paired with glass meanwhile creates the effect of a bright greenhouse, lighting up the cafe under the night.


Anh Coffee Roastery by Do Sy
Anh Coffee Roastery has a natural look balanced by iron grids that wrap around its structure. Photo by Do Sy
Anh Coffee Roastery by Do Sy
Inside, shades of the brand’s signature navy blue can be seen as a balance to the warm tones. Photo by Do Sy.

Anh Coffee Roastery sits in the center of vibrant Saigon and is a fluffy sanctuary inspired by the scene of a basalt red land growing coffee on cloudy days. Its exterior is made up of warm, red terracotta bricks that bleed into the whole interior space from the floor, wall, bar, and seating blocks. An iron grid system meanwhile runs from the ceiling throughout both of the store floors and facade. Shades of navy blue and natural wood were also added to incorporate the brand’s signature color. At first sight, Anh Coffee Roastery is a beautiful sight for people who love the natural look.


September Cafe by Phu Dao
The September Cafe is described as a bird’s nest in the middle of the city. Photo by Phu Dao.

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September Cafe by Phu Dao
The interiors are swathed in neutral tones that give it the relaxed vibe September brings. Photo by Phu Dao.

September Cafe has a biomorphic design inspired by a bird’s nest, curves, and branches in the form of steel strips that wrap around the building like weaving tree branches. At the ground floor is a laid-back layout that brings the outdoors indoors, giving it a garden-like vibe. Nooks and crannies also scatter through the cafe alongside circular glass windows at the entrance stairs attached to the walls and swirling up towards the next floor. Neutral tones like beige, white, rose orange, and natural wood colors bathe the entire structure to give it September’s cozy and familiar trait. 

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Dom Coffee shop from the Dom official Facebook page
The Dom Coffee Shop has a unique and simple home-like vibe every roastery aims to have. Photo from Dom Coffee Shop’s official FB page.
Dom Coffee Shop from Dom Coffee Shop official FB page
Dom Coffee Shop’s welcoming interiors is highlighted by the long emerald green bar that visitors can see even when they’re just about to approach the shop. Photo from Dom Coffee Shop’s official FB page.

Dóm Coffee Shop is a coffee shop that exemplifies the idea of fostering quiet connections in intimate spaces. This small corner cafe can be found in Bao Loc City and uses various materials and shapes to help portray an intimate and cozy atmosphere. From outside, approaching visitors can see the corrugated iron roof supported by thin wooden beams and is composed of two layers that provide heat insulation and noise reduction. The long and rectangular emerald green counter place in the semi-open area also invites passersby to interact with other people while drinking coffee. This moderately designed shop features arched openings, curved angles, and recessed walls that carry a playful combination of green scattered throughout the store. To top it all off, the iron ceiling has scattered light dots that make it look like fireflies light up the interiors, giving the entire cafe a dream-like quality despite its simplicity. 


Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters by Hiroyuki Oki
Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters’ signature feature is its transparent design. Photo by Hiroyuki Oki.
Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters by Hiroyuki Oki
Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters is also a sustainably designed shop with elements that use water-based ecological flooring surfaces by Nora Design Italiano. Photo by Hiroyuki Oki.

Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters speaks the language of minimal and elegant design. Located in Ho Chi Minh, its design is inspired by the Saigon Opera House and has an art deco facade preserved and painted in neutral colors similar to that of the Opera House’s tones. Frameless full-height glazing also portrays the roastery’s belief in transparency to connect with customers and gives the store a permeable design that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. This is further shown through a performative layout where the “fly bar” is a signature element. Cantilever from a single supporting structure, the fly bar has a two-tonne concrete foundation that highlights the flying element of the heavy bar atop. 

These are just a few of the most aesthetically pleasing Vietnamese coffee shops. But like the residential in this invigorating country, these cozy structures won’t be limited to just these five anytime soon.

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