Focus Global Inc. Unveils a New BGC Showroom that Embraces the Beauty and Sophistication of Glass Doors

July 14, 2023



Roanna Alonzo

There was an air of excitement and anticipation as Focus Global Inc. yet again opened the doors of its BGC Showroom, revealing a stunning space that promises to build synergy among rooms and bring every artist’s vision to life. 

On June 27, 2023, Focus Global Inc. jumped at one grand opportunity to unveil ADL and Orama’s masterpieces and introduce them to the Filipinos. The Italian-rooted ADL focused on creating interior doors that are transformative in nature, simultaneously parting and connecting areas inside a home. Such gateways then create what modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe described as flowing spaces. Meanwhile, Orama takes its name from the Greek word for “vision.” It is said to reflect the brand’s primary goal in creating flawlessly elegant exterior frames for any architectural requirement.

From left to right: Lolita Sy, Executive Vice-President, Focus Global Inc.; Architect Ramon Antonio, son of Philippine National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio; Gil Coscolluela, Senior Partner and Architect, W. V. Coscolluela & Partners

“A door is very essential in any home; it’s always the first thing you see—not only for its beauty, but also for its ability to give one a sense of security and privacy.”

Architect Ramon Antonio on the role of doors in making an architectural statement

The Mood Setter

During the grand launch, the BGC showroom had become a canvas for the two luxury home brands’ design excellence and exceptional craftsmanship. The showroom elements—from lush greenery decors to furniture compositions to the product arrangements—were all meticulously planned out to highlight the unique features and intricate details of ADL and Orama’s interior and exterior partition systems. The play of colors and wallpapers also worked together in harmony to show the doors and frames in their best light, that is, letting the outdoors merge seamlessly with the indoors.

Andrea Sy, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer, Focus Global Inc.

“This [event] encapsulates our belief in the transformative potential of our door offerings,” Andrea Sy, Focus Global Inc.’s Chief Strategy & Operations Officer, told BluPrint. “Not only is it a way to get together with all of our favorite friends, architects, interior designers, and the community, but it is also about aligning with Focus Global Inc.’s vision of touching a hundred million homes—one door, one closet, one window at a time.”

The Renewed Appreciation 

Ed Calma, Design Principal and Architect, Lor Calma & Partners

Anchored in the title Visions and Connections: Reshaping Spaces with ADL and Orama, the exclusive affair attracted the attention of a carefully curated guestlist. A-listers, esteemed industry leaders, and potential clients graced the event, experiencing first-hand the brands’ see-through elegance and prestige.

“We like to work a lot with the outdoors and the indoors,” the award-winning architect Cathy Saldaña stated. She suggested that glass is the best material for such a concept, to which Architect Ed Calma agreed: “As much as you want to segregate spaces, you still want that visual connectivity. The more transparent [the partition], the more fluid the space is.”

“Essentially, nothing is really a wall, a window, or a door if it’s made of glass. They are an opening, a transparent partition—seamlessly integrated into the space—that allows one to maximize the relationship between the internal and external environments.”

Architect Ed Calma on bridging interior and exterior designs through glass
From left to right: Cathy Saldaña, Architect and Managing Director, PDP Architects; Geewel Fuster, Architect and Editor-in-Chief, BluPrint Magazine; Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy II, Interior Decorator and Principal, Casa Buddha; Vianca Añonuevo-Favila, Interior Designer and Co-Founder, Empire Design; Gian Carlo Daus, Interior Designer

Likewise, interior designers in attendance acknowledge the same impact ADL and Orama have on their future master plans. “When the pandemic happened, the interior spaces totally changed. We started to want to open up more spaces, and so the outdoor and the indoor kind of blended together,” shared Empire Design’s Vianca Añonuevo-Favila. “The living room is no longer just a living room… Now it can be more than that: a home gym, or even an entertainment space.”

Wilan Dayrit, Interior Designer, Wilan Dayrit Design Studio

Budding interior designer Wilan Dayrit further added, “[when] you have glasses as seamless as these, you can utilize what you see outside—the greens of the trees, the reds and yellows of sunsets, the browns of the soil—and make them all part of the interior.”

“Suddenly, a door is an architectural feature. You are able to compartmentalize, and create intimate spaces that can open up to bigger ones.”

Architect Alfred Wieneke on the transformative role of doors in design

The Lasting Impression

State-of-the-art technology on display aside, Focus Global Inc. went beyond the visual experience to evoke the essence of ADL and Orama. The exclusive distributor engaged all of the senses—captivating the guests with interactive art installations, showroom tours, and exclusive product presentations, while also tantalizing their taste buds with Italian delectable hors d’oeuvres and flavored gelatos. 

Behind the select doors in the showroom are hidden artworks that can be unveiled using 3D glasses. “This artistic feature not only represents the endless possibilities our doors offer but also reflects ADL and Orama’s creativity in merging technology and design, as well as our deep appreciation for nature,” shared Jhoanna Dorillo, Executive Director of Sales and Design Division at Focus Global Inc. “Sustainability, being a key focus for ADL, uses 100% recyclable glass and aluminum for its primary materials, ensuring as little impact to the environment as possible.”

Indeed, with the grand launch of ADL and Orama BGC Showroom, connections were forged, ideas exchanged, and business opportunities born.

From left to right: Peter Zaballa, Director of Sales & Design, Focus Global Inc.; Andrea Sy, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer, Focus Global Inc.; Attilio Tettamanti, CEO, Boffi Asia Pacific; Lolita Sy, Executive Vice-President, Focus Global Inc.; Architect Geewel Fuster, Editor-in-Chief, BluPrint; Jhoanna Dorillo, Executive Director of Sales and Design Division, Focus Global Inc.; Stephen Sy, President and CEO, Focus Global Inc.; and Cathy Belizario, Director of Sales & Design, Focus Global, Inc.

In the Philippines, ADL and Orama Minimal Frames are exclusively distributed by Focus Global Inc. Their showroom is located at 11/F Twenty-Four Seven McKinley, Taguig. To book an appointment, visit Focus Global Inc.’s website.

Photography ED SIMON and KIERAN PUNAY of KLIQ, Inc.

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