Alchemy of Geometry: Shape shifting add ons to your tired looking Coffee Table

September 28, 2021



Shan Arcega

Alchemy, by the definition of the word, means magical transformation. You can magically transform your coffee table, in scale, and in looks through witty add ons such as the following pieces that Ivy and Cynthia Almario designed themselves.

A “C table” follows the form of the letter “C”, and because of its three-sided element a C table can slide into anything like a couch, a table or a bed since it doesn’t have a fourth element to impede it.

These pieces are inspired by the concept of a C table, which follows the form of the letter “C”. Because of its three-sided element, a C table can slide into anything like a couch, a table, or a bed since it doesn’t have a fourth element to impede it. 

-Ivy Almario

The dynamic interior designers enhanced this basic design with additional features such as built-in shelves and circles, which can complement a square, rectangular, or even a circular coffee table. 

You can breathe new life into an old but high-quality coffee table by adding two or three of these C tables. By making a collage with coffee table books, whimsical accessories, sculptures, an array of scented candles, and a few floral arrangements thrown here and there, any coffee table becomes a Pandora’s box of visual delight. 

If a side table needs to be refreshed or a coffee table needs perking up, the addition of pull-up C tables as extenders can easily change the geometry of the setup! It’s magical. It’s the alchemy of geometry! 

Cynthia almario

“Your side tables and coffee tables are your blank slate while you get into the groove arranging different collectibles. You can change and rearrange as often as you wish with C tables and metal toppers to extend the vignettes either horizontally or vertically. Turned on its side, you can use the C table as a laptop table or a breakfast tray. This slim, minimalistic piece serves a multitude of functions. “

Eye candy is a great indulgence, and a beautiful coffee table tableau is one of our favorite eye candies!

Ivy & Cynthia Almario

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