An All-in Experience With Poltrona Frau’s Take Your Time Collection

April 19, 2021



Shan Arcega

Enjoying art is all about taking your time to let the visuals seep into your emotions and mind. This year’s Poltrona Frau collection seems to be hitting the same bells with its “Take Your time. Feel the Difference” collection.

Through sight, Poltrona Frau presents a new collection of furniture and complements that were developed with a design approach that hinges on sensory duality. In other words, this collection exhibits furniture that puts materials like leather and fabric or wood and marble together to form an aesthetically pleasing and functional home fixture. 

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This experiment and research of using other materials is quite clear in items like the In The Mood couch. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, it is a study on the theme of lightness and is influenced by the modernist 1960s design that’s evident in the horizontal geometrics and in the sleekness of the couch feet projecting towards the center of the seat to exude lightness. From the large and minimalist padded surface to the stitching with border piping, it has many other elements that highlight duality. 

Poltrona and Acqua di Parma then dominate our sense of smell with a new smart home diffuser designed by multi-award-winning design duo GamFratesi. A sophisticated item in one round frame, this smart diffuser has a hand-sewn leather finish with an elegant metal base combining gunmetal tones with brushed gold. It can be filled with any of Acqua di Parma’s nine blends: Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa sul Lago, Oh, l’Amore, Aperitivo in Terrazza, and Profumi dell’Orto, which all evoke the most typical moments in Italian life.


Poltrona Frau also collaborates with Loro Piana Interiors to stir our sense of touch through the Poltrona Frau wears Loro Piana Interiors project ,which highlights a specific selection of the most important Loro Piana Interiors fabrics. Two collections have been completed by Poltrona Frau and the global leader of producing cashmere and fine wools: the Aboriginal and the Kashmiri collections which are both inspired by the origins of the fibers and the two studio’s historical roots. 

The Aboriginal collection includes the fabrics Altai Unito, Altai Mélange, and Pecora Nera. The Altai fabrics are refined wool and cashmere blends that combine the best qualities of the materials. One highlights the lush softness of the finest cashmere while the other highlights the resistance and warmth of the selected Merino wools exclusively from Australia and New Zealand. The Pecora Nera fabric meanwhile comes from New Zealand merino wool which is known for being a fabric that comes solely from the dark fleece of sheep and lacks any artificial dyes.

The Kashmiri collection includes Ladakh, a soft pure cashmere velour with a plush and enveloping surface. Thin stripes in natural tones spread out over warm bases with intense colors. The patterns are also tone-on-tone for a highly sophisticated and refined image.   

This Poltrona Frau and Loro Piana Interiors collaboration also has other interior furnishings including the Aspen Plaid and Decorative Cushions. 


The Aspen Plaid is a 140 x 180 cm plaid created using Bouclé Alpaca(a double-sided fabric in Suri Alpaca and wool) in the sophisticated Blend Zen and Sitatunga Gold tones. The Decorative cushions meanwhile are covered with Loro Piana Interiors Altai and Zelander Check fabrics. The cushion edges are also embellished with border piping and the Poltrona Frau logo in Pelle SC leather that matches the Loro Piana Interiors fabric. 

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Poltrona Frau’s entire 2021 collection calls on our sight, smell, and touch to grant the quality of life that highlights living to the fullest by taking the time to appreciate everything, even the little details. 

“With our social lives reduced and our domestic spaces lived in and experienced more intensely than ever before,” explains Nicola Coropulis, Poltrona Frau group CEO, “We have a chance to concentrate on the present, savor every moment, and enjoy all those sensations, no matter how fleeting, that we didn’t have time for before in our whirlwind of daily commitments and outside the home. This opportunity to review our priorities, though enforced, gives us a chance to enjoy a better quality of living.”

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