An Intro to Frama: The Studio That Binds The Classical And Contemporary Through Eco-Friendly Materials

October 22, 2021



Geewel Fuster

In the heart of Copenhagen, where the picturesque neighborhood of Nyboder stands, the historic St. Pauls Apotek shelters Frama–an interdisciplinary creative studio founded in 2011 by creative director Niels Strøyer Christophersen. Since then, it has been continuously evolving through a cycle of designing handmade objects and crafting carefully contextualized interior spaces. Just like its home setting, Frama is a studio that expands its vision to creating objects that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living. 

This approach to design is highly evident in lifestyle products made from natural materials that serve as the canvas for simple geometries and timeless aesthetics carrying simple essentiality. This design leaning towards simple geometry is inspired by Scandinavian forms and design principles–an approach that promotes Frama’s warm and inviting minimalist style. The style also encourages the studio to work with many other designers, architects, and craftsmen to find the balance between classical and contemporary.

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“Local, and what we call slow manufacturing is also an important part of our process, as it sustains the soul of the design, from a sketch on a piece of paper to the hands of the end-user.”

Frama’s holistic approach to design is seen in various product collections including furniture, lighting, home accessories, apothecary, fabrics, kitchens, and even books. Durable and unique, Frama products are also sustainable items that gently hold the balance between nature and humans. So far, the studio has created products out of environmentally friendly and untreated materials like noble wood, marble, clay, terracotta, and even textile that highlight ensured and optimal durability. To this studio, crafting sustainable products is not just a challenge for the mind of the creative, but is also a way to measure one’s ability to improve the social and environmental ecosystems their work touches. 

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“All of our work–from a tableware collection to the complete concept for a restaurant interior–is inspired by a deep curiosity for culture, history, and the natural world. Our process is an ongoing quest to create holistic balance, resulting in the creation of meaningful objects, spaces, and experiences unified by ‘a certain feeling of warmth, calm, and repose’ intended to inspire all the senses and support wellbeing.”

Other Frama studios can be found in Oslo, Hamburg, Barcelona, and Mexico City. Regardless of the area, Frama products have the signature quality and design that will last for years to come. 

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