An Ode To Sustainability

July 12, 2021



Geewel Fuster

WATG redefined Green Block as one of the most evocative global destinations.

The world’s foremost global destination and hospitality design firm, WATG had launched its third vision, Green Block Honolulu, alongside London and New York City. This unconventional planning and landscape design solution responds to the global call to “restore our earth” and how one of the world’s most recognized and beloved urban city can be conceptualized into a sustainable and eco-friendly space for tourists amidst the pandemic.

HONOLULU green block

Green Block aims to facilitate and encourage dialogues for green living. It reinforces WATG’s founding goals in designing urban destinations and landscapes where people propagate, using sustainable materials and techniques, creating growth and preserving the environments and communities where we thrive, and delivering innovative design solutions.

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