Anthology 2020 invites architects and designers to ‘Think Architecture’

November 8, 2019



Anthology Architecture and Design Festival

The Anthology Architecture and Design Festival began as a passion project that extended to over 2000 guests and 65 leading built environment practitioners from seven countries. Since the first festival in 2016, the three-day forum about architecture and design has continued to grow in participants, speakers, lectures, and panel discussions. Headed into its fifth year, the Anthology Architecture and Design Festival seeks to launch an inquiry into the basis of architecture and how it is adapting to our changing world. What, why, and how do we think of architecture? This year’s theme, “Think Architecture,” is an invitation to join us as we explore and ponder the ideals and frameworks that shape the structures that we build to house our needs and desires. It hopes to refocus our efforts on architecture itself and encourages and improved awareness and understanding of our practice.

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A Talk given by William Ti, Jr., Principal Architect at WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Expecting to host over 6000 guests, Anthology 2020 will take place in Fort Santiago, Intramuros, in Manila, Philippines, from the 7th to the 9th of February 2020. The festival brings together key figures and movers into one highly publicized event. This upcoming Anthology 2020, it is our great pleasure to announce key speakers such as Aric Chen of Tongji University, Chatpong Chuenrudeemol of Chat Architects, and Wong Mun Summ of WOHA Architects. With this, we hope to extend our reach to provide the architecture community with exposure to new and fresh ideas on design thinking. This year, we would like to think about the architecture of our everyday lives. We want to explore and discover the sensuality and brilliance of architectural forms and ideas. We want to reestablish architecture as the foundation for our spatial environment. We want to realign architecture with the profound changes that are happening not just in our physical world, but also in the digital and virtual realm. We want to embrace changing times to see where this journey will bring us.

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bluprint anthology 2020 think architecture
Anthology Festival brings together speakers, participants, students, and attendees from related industries to share their perspectives on architecture and the built environment.

Architecture is a platform for collaboration and discovery—a commonality from which ideas can be distilled, and opportunities can be found. This festival acts as a space from which we can share our experiences and address our questions together. It is a place where we can discuss and define the moment and propose our answers to the built environment. The world is changing from a place to a community to an ever-growing organism that is only starting to learn what it means to be one. As our world starts becoming more layered and nuanced, we should find new approaches that can define our changing relationships with the physical world.

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bluprint anthology 2020 think architecture
A Talk given by Martin Gledhill from the University of Bath.

Anthology 2020 brings together the best and the brightest to Think Architecture. It is an annual gathering that creates a centrality from which we can reach out to the broader public. Architecture is uniquely suited to embrace opportunities and act upon ideas that can help build a better place for all. That moment is now. Our place is everywhere. This is our festival.

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Images from Anthology Architecture and Design Festival

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