What's so Essential About Essential Oils?

May 2, 2018



Pat Herbolario

In essence, essential oils boil down to one thing: aromatherapy. There is power in scents and aromas, they really do affect your mood. While you can’t bring a diffuser and a scented candle with you all the time,thank god for essential oils. Essential oils are a very Tita thing that has caught up with the Millennials. With its claims to help you lessen stress or boost your mood, who wouldn’t want to try out these oils?! Essential oils are known to have multiple benefits, either inhaling them through room diffusers or rubbing them topically on different areas of your body (ideally your temples and the back of your neck). Here are some benefits that will convince you to use essential oils! Trust us, we have one in our bags right now!

1 Gives You an Energy Boost

You know how orange juice and vitamin C are supposed to give you an energy punch? The same fact applies to oils that come in citrus.

2 Mood Booster

Having a bad day? Essential oils can shoo-away the bad vibes with just one whiff! Mood booster essential oils are usually aromas with lavender and patchouli aromas. 

3 Helps You Breathe Easier

Stuffy nose? Essential oils can help you fix that. Oils with eucalyptus and peppermint should do the trick!

Where Can You Get your Essential Oils Fix?

Anti-Ugh is a Manila-based essential oils supplier that wants to turn your ughs into uh-huhs! Anti-Ugh, a line of roll-on essential oil blends that boost one’s daily performance by relieving everyday aches and pains. The brand is a block initiative of senior Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) students from the University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P) in partnership with Project Brave Kids, an organization devoted to aiding children with cancer.


Their essential oils come in three variants: Anti-Snooze (combats sleepiness and exhaustion), Anti-Jitters (for relaxing and stress relief), and Anti-Sniffles (for relieving colds and easy breathing). Each of Anti-Ugh’s blends is mixed and prepared locally by hand in Manila, with every bottle handled individually to give you the best aromatic experience.  Bottles are sold either individually (for P250.00 only) or in a Rescue Trio Pack (P675.00 for all 3 variants). 

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